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  1. Hey Zoe, im not bad thanks, how are you?

  2. Hey Janie, thank you so much for the avs, that was really sweet of you :D

  3. Hiya, yeah im gutted its all over, i liked Owain to he seemed really nice lol. I have no idea when season 2 starts, although it starts next month in america so it will probably be the beginning of next year most likely x.

  4. Hiya Janie, im ok thanks, a little bit sick but im getting there lol, yeah i had a great Mentalist night thanks, did you enjoy it? xx.

  5. Yeah most sundays unfortunately, aww thats good, i bet your cousin is thankful for that lol, she is gorgeous Zoe :D

  6. I am working tomorrow as well, how good is that? Aww yeah i would love to see a pic, how is she doing btw?

  7. I don't finish until 9pm lol, great way to spend a saturday, im the same just be on here all night haha

  8. Aww i hope you feel a bit better soon, ive just been working away as usual, in fact im at work right now :( You up to anything tonight?

  9. Hiya Zoe. im fine thanks, hows you?

  10. Hiya Janie, I'm fine thanks, hows you? Yeah thanks i was just mucking around, im nowhere near as good as i'd like to be lol

  11. Yeah i know how you feel, i went through a few years of not having a job and its so boring trying to find things to do, thank goodness for bttb lol

  12. I'm a cashier in a bookies lol really exciting but still its money so i can't complain, good luck with next week btw i hope you get something

  13. Hey Danni, yeah im good thanks, hows you? did you have a good holiday?

  14. Not much really, just been working away as usual lol, how about you?

  15. Hiya Zoe,

    Yeah im pretty good thanks, hows things with you?

  16. Hey Janie, im good thanks, hows you? Yeah i just noticed your birthday, your a lucky girl lol :D

  17. Lol me neither ha ha but i certainly remember him now :D

  18. He played a character called James Healey xxx.

  19. Hey Emma :D

    Yeah im good thanks, hows things with you? x.

  20. Hey Barbara, Im glad you had a good day, i wish i could dive into a pool right now, the weather has been so hot here lol

  21. Hiya

    Yeah thank goodness he was in H&A or i wouldnt be allowed to use an av of him lol x.

  22. Happy Birthday Barbara :D hope you have a great day x.

  23. Haha yeah that was a classic "Patrick Jane" line.

  24. Hiya, thanks very much, i wish i could take the credit for it myself lol. Yeah i can't wait to see The Mentalist tonight, its the best show ever :D

  25. Ive been working all weekend sadly, no fun for me lol. Hows your weekend been?

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