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  1. Aww Zoe thats gorgeous, yeah i know just been watching him of you tube, i still can't believe he's gone dont think i will ever get used to it :(

  2. Yeah its so great that they are number 2 already and its only tuesday, i missed them this morning but i just saw it on you tube and yeah Keith was fantastic :D and he looked very hot haha x

  3. Yeah i will be at the doors of the record shop waiting on it opening before work lol, cant wait to hear it

  4. Hey, yeah i know when he mentioned Steo i just went to pieces, its just been a horrible day what with the single only reaching number 9 and then Mikey, so gutted :(

  5. Hey Zoe, yeah im ok, how are you? yeah i heard that as well i am really hoping for a number 1 though i had such high hopes :(

  6. Just been working all day, so now im just relaxing before going through it all again tomorrow lol. How is Megan doing? what age is she now?

  7. Yeah im good thanks Zoe, how are you? been up to much today?

  8. Hey lol yeah i managed to catch it before work, Ronan's face was a picture as well and he said vote for Mick because if he goes out on my song i will never hear the end of it haha, just cant wait for the album next week it sounds great from what ive heard x

  9. Hey Zoe, im good thanks hows you? yeah im so glad about Mikey as well, was so worried for him last night i have to admit. I am looking forward to Steo's tribute show, ive seen a lot of people talking about it and saying to have tissues at the ready :( i know i will cry anyway whatever happens x

  10. Happy Birthday Zoe :D hope you have a great day.

  11. Hey sorry for the gap between replies i had logged off lol yeah i saw them on GMTV i actually got quite emotional :( b ut yean im loving Mikey on DOI i think he is such a natural and i think him and mel are a great team, hopefully he will go all the way :)

  12. Yeah i love the vid, its really sad but i think its a great tribute to Steo, i still miss him so much :( x

  13. Not a lot really, work seems to take up all my time lol, how about you? been up to much recently? what do you think of the new Boyzone song btw?

  14. Hiya Zoe, yeah im fine thanks, hows you? i havent seen you around much x

  15. Sorry its late, but Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day :) x.

  16. Hey Georgia, thank you for the birthday wishes :)

  17. Hey Lise, thanks for the birthday wishes :)

  18. Hey, thanks for your kind birthday wishes :)

  19. Hey Danni, thanks for your kind wishes :)

  20. Hiya Janie, lol yeah well i got a new laptop which was pretty lucky considering my old one broke down last week, so that was lucky :D glad you had fun in NY some great shopping i bet lol x.

  21. Hiya Janie, how was your christmas and now was NYC you lucky thing :D?

  22. Hey Janie, im good thanks, hows you? ready for christmas? lol

  23. Sorry for that last message, i can't spell today lol x.

  24. Hey Zoe, yeah i love DOI and i hear something about Mikey being on it, it should be good. I slept in this mornong and missed Ronan:( hope someone puts it on you tube.

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