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  1. How good was tonights ep with Todd coming back, Sarah and Jasons faces were a picture. The whole thing with sarahs wedding dress was so funny, first gail trys to stop her running out the door and rips the dress, then jason and todd come back from the stag night and see her in it, then finally when she thinks nothing else can go wrong sally spills red wine down the front of the dress and eileen throws white wine at her. She then announces the wedding is off, hitches up her dress and runs up the stairs brilliant stuff.
  2. Its strange but i kind of felt sorry for steven tonight when Ian walked away and left him in that hospital.
  3. Watching tony and rachel chatting in tonights episode i started thinking what a great couple they would make, its funny i've never really thought of them in that way before.
  4. Can't believe Chelsea and Deano got six months, does that mean they are leaving the show?
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