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  1. I agree that Lacey is a great actress, but she should smile more it totally changes her
  2. Totally agree, everyone deserves to know what a creep he is.
  3. Mark Ronson ft Amy Winehouse - Valerie
  4. Sadly i can see this happening too, a happy marriage in soapland would never do. Totally agree about Jack P Shepard's acting though, he's amazing
  5. I know Kelvin's face was a picture I can feel some major fireworks coming on, stacey and bradley have headed off on honeymoon with the camera, just hope bradley doesnt watch the film of the wedding day first
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else think Heather is a brilliant character, she is like a breath of fresh air and her pursuit of Gary Hobbs is hilarious
  7. I am the only person who is not excited by the thought of Bianca and Ricky coming back?
  8. Aww thats really sad, it will be a shame to see Liz go, Vera is a corrie institution
  9. Whitney Houston - I have nothing
  10. Definately think the masoods are going to be interesting, near the end of the ep last night when mas was kissing zainab and he pulled up her top slightly you could see what looked like a scar on her stomach. After which she hurried out of the room and earlier the comment she made about her son being gone, maybe the two could be related
  11. Enrique Inglesias - Tired of being sorry
  12. David Platt is just so evil and as for John and Rosie, i know ive said it before, but its sooooo wrong
  13. I think the Masoods will be quite interesting once we get to know them, maybe a few skeletons in the closet. There is plenty of potential for the writers to do something exciting with Shabnam's character.
  14. What on earth has happened to Don Fisher, he is so grumpy.
  15. The idea of John and Rosie together is so wrong, whoever though up this storyline needs their heads examined. Its just horrible
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