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  1. I've been watching some of it, especially the Boyzone comeback yay
  2. Just want to wish the Scotland team good luck for tomorrow nights game, come on boys you can do it
  3. So glad Honey and Billy's baby didn't die, i breathed such a huge sigh of relief when he gave his first cry
  4. Tonights episode was very hard hitting, when those thugs came in to the vic and started smashing it up i actually jumped a few times. I though it was quite violent for pre-watershed. Poor Honey she has already had enough heartache, i hope she doesn't lose the baby
  5. Ok, it a deal Oh and its still freezing all day and all night long.
  6. Tonights episode was certainly full of drama, you just knew the whole drag racing story was going to end in disaster. Loved the interaction between Irene and Annie, at last she has someone to take under her wing. Finally we might get to see a bit more of Irene I did think that Belle and Matilda were a bit unfair on Lisa, after all she was trying to make things right.
  7. Leona Lewis - Footprints in the sand
  8. Whitney Houston - Where do broken hearts go
  9. Totally disgusted at the comment Ian Beale made in tonight episode, refering to billy's family as "a monosyllabic freak show of a family". Totally insensitive to family's with downs syndrome children, i really don't know what the scriptwriters with thinking of with that one
  10. Leann Rimes - Right kind of wrong
  11. I've been having the same problem, sometimes each page is taking about a minute to load.
  12. I was quite shocked at Don giving Lucas money, it just doesn't seem like something he would do. Have to say it was quite funny the way he slid it slowly behind the menu tut tut Mr Fisher
  13. I agree that Lacey is a great actress, but she should smile more it totally changes her
  14. Totally agree, everyone deserves to know what a creep he is.
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