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  1. I hope John returns too, he is a lovely man and so funny. I didn't realise June Brown was in her 80's, wow she still puts some of the young actors in the shade. I really hope Dot and Jim are reunited some day, they are a classic couple.
  2. Yay some quality scenes for Irene tonight, i really couldn't help but cheer when she ranted and raved at Jonah, sorry Michael, tonight, after what he did to Tasha i can't believe he even has the nerve to show his face. I love the way Irene and Annie are bonding, its sweet to watch also when she said to Annie that she reminded her of Tasha when she first came to the bay, i had just been thinking the same thing. She has the same sweet and innocent qualities like Tasha and i thing she has the makings of a good character. So who is this new girl Tam and why did she steal a photo of Rachel,
  3. Shania Twain - You're still the one
  4. Well the forecasted winds have arrived and they're whistling down the chimney brrrr
  5. I just demolished apple pie and cream (Greedy guts)
  6. Im not a fan of Jack and Martha either and im kind of over my feeling sorry for her already. I'm not to keen on having Jonah back either because i can never forgive him for what he did to sweet Tasha. He had better watch out though because Martha will soon be single again and we all know what that means
  7. I loved how Jazz turned on the waterworks tonight and told drew how much she cared for him and then told him she was contesting the will and would see him in court, isn't a mother's love grand So one councelling session didn't work for Jack and Martha, surprise surprise, they actually have more unresolved issues than i've had hot dinners. To be honest i did actually feel quite sorry for Martha tonight she did look very lost. What an ending, did my eyes deceive me or did i indeed see Jonah from the believers
  8. I suppose anyone who gets the better of Phil deserves some kind of praise
  9. Im onto a choccie biscuit now and its not even lunch time yet
  10. Its wet, cold and miserable and we're supposed to get gale force winds tonight Oh this weather just gets better and better
  11. Mariah Carey - All i want for Christmas
  12. Well Jack Branning has certainly shown his true colours, he waltzes back in at the opening of the club and as much as tells Ronnie she will run the club the way He wants her to, did i imagine it or did he tell her he wouldn't interfere and that he would be a silent partner, yeah right. I knew there was more to him than meets the eye.
  13. I've just had a massive cooked breakfast and i'm stuffed.
  14. Thanks for the articles, they were very interesting.

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