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  1. Love that song James Blunt - 1973
  2. Well i thorougly enjoyed my roast Hold on, can't reach my walking stick though
  3. Awww poor Garry, i'm sure he has something going for him
  4. I'm about to have my sunday roast, mmm yum
  5. Shakin Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone
  6. Jase/Roxy and Garry/Dawn for me Mind you not if Heather gets her way
  7. Its still pouring and i've just got soaked coming home from work, damn this rain
  8. It's been pouring all day and its absolutely freezing
  9. From watching tonights episode you can just tell that this Phil/Jack feud is going to run and run for a long time. I loved when Peggy was talking to Phil about Ronnie leaving and she said something about her family never seeing one of their own out on the street the words pot, kettle and black spring to mind. Two words peggy, Billy and Honey.
  10. I swear its getting colder by the second If it keeps up i think there will be snow
  11. They sound very nice indeed I've just eaten a piece of chocolate cake and i feel sick (serves me right)
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