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  1. Not as cold as it has been all week, but still very chilly
  2. What did a nice woman like Jane ever see in Ian Beale, I cant believe he enjoyed telling Billy to beg for his job back and then turned round with that supercilious smug grin on face and said no, what a horrible person he is If Ian is ever down on his luck and has no one to help him, i hope he looks back and remembers that moment.
  3. Shania Twain - From this moment on
  4. Abi is quite funny actually, its a shame really that she is overshadowed by her sister Lauren sometimes because she has a lot of potential. Maybe now we will see a bit more of her.
  5. Tuna Pasta for lunch. I think i'm boosting this thread single handedly
  6. Can't say im that bothered about either, she hasn't exactly done much to set the square alight.
  7. Exactly, no one is denying that Stacey is as much to blame as Max for the affair, but even on the wedding day Max was still pursuing her when she had made it totally clear that she wasn't interested.
  8. George Michael - Careless whisper
  9. why is definately another question. I know Stacey isn't totally innocent in all of this, but IMO Max is more at fault, he took advantage of Stacey when she was at her most vulnerable. The fact is he just doesn't care about his family or he wouldn't hurt them the way he does, remember this is not the first time he's cheated. Personally i can't wait to see him get his come-uppance on Christmas day, i just feel sorry for the rest of his family who will be devastated.
  10. How big a man is Max Branning, bursting into Ian Beale's house and threating peter, who is only a young boy, what a hero you are max.
  11. Gavin De Graw - We belong together
  12. OMG how cold is it this morning, i'm freeeeeeezing
  13. Totally agree there are so many characters who deserve a major storyline, Morag included, don't get me wrong i'm all for guest characters but just not at the expense of permanent cast members.
  14. Can't believe that Jazz is using such under hand tactics to get the inheritance money from Drew, bringing in the nursing home director tut tut. Still now that Morag has seen Jazz kissing him, i think there will be fireworks. Go Morag
  15. Shrek 3 Those baby Shrek's are just soooo cute
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