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  1. would you mind if i added you as a friend as well?

  2. I've just noticed that you added me as a friend. Thanks, i'll add you too x.

  3. Hiya, thanks very much, i wish i could take the credit for it myself lol. Yeah i can't wait to see The Mentalist tonight, its the best show ever :D

  4. Im good, how are you? While i'm here i just wanted to say Happy Birthday for tomorrow. I hope you have a great day x.

  5. Hey, hope you had a nice day and got lots of brilliant presents. Don't eat too much cake now lol x.

  6. I'm good thanks, are you up to anything good this weekend x.

  7. Not really, had a day off work today so i went shopping for summer clothes, that's how exciting life is at the moment lol x.

  8. Just ignore my last comment, i posted it before i read about you're friend. I am so sorry for your loss, if you ever need a shoulder just let me know, take care x.

  9. Hey, how are you feeling x.

  10. Im not bad thanks. Good luck with your SATS by the way x.

  11. Hi Miranda, just to say i've added you to my friends list, i hope you don't mind x.

  12. Hi Emma, just wanted to say i've added you to my friends list. Hope you don't mind.

    Lesley x.

  13. Happy Birthday Barbara, hope you have a great day x.

  14. No worries, i actually didn't realise you had gone on holiday lol. Anway, hope you had a great time x.

  15. Hey welcome back Savannah, i've been wondering if you were ok, because you hadn't been on for a while, its great to have you back x. I'm fine btw lol.

  16. Hey Savannah, i've just recently made a bebo page and found your link in the bebo thread, so i've added you as a friend, hope you don't mind. If it asks you to accept a LesleyB, its just me x.

  17. Hi Savannah, that's terrible, i don't know why people do things like that. The only problem is i can't seem to add you again. can you try adding me and i'll confirm you? x.

  18. Haha yeah that was a classic "Patrick Jane" line.

  19. Hey Savannah,

    Long time, no speak. How have you been?

  20. Hey Savannah, You know what, i hated high school as well, especially leaving all my friends. You will probably feel happier as you settle in more x.

  21. Hey Savannah, hows school going now? are you liking it any better? x.

  22. Aww Savannah, im really sorry to hear that. I really hope things get better for you soon xxx. Im fine but really fed up with work just now as well.

    Take care x.

  23. Hey, thanks for the add x.

  24. Hey, just noticed your comment, that's such a spooky coincidence lol x.

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