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  1. No problem, how are you tonight anyways?

  2. Hey Zoe, yeah i do its aussiepink31@hotmail.co.uk

  3. Hey Zoe, OMG thats brilliant i bet you are pretty excited about that? lol do me a favour if you do speak to him say hi from me x

  4. Yeah i have to say i am glad its coming to an end lol, should be good though to see what happens with Aaron

  5. Hey Zoe, thanks for the spoilers :) Emmerdale is so good atm and im especially loving this storyline and the Sally one x

  6. Yeah im ok, although a bit annoyed that im working tomorrow and i'll lose an hour in bed tonight lol, hows things with you?

  7. Hey Zoe,

    Sorry i just noticed your comment lol, yeah love the pic and yeah i know what you mean, i loved watching Shane and Steo they had such a special bond and Shane was always hugging him and being protective x.

  8. Yeah i really hope so, last year my camera broke on me and i really regret it now, especially since it would have been my last pics of Steo :(

  9. Oh wow thats brilliant Zoe, jealous much lol, you will have to get good pics x

  10. Lol yeah just this minute replied in there, but yeah 4th row, so not too bad, what did you get?

  11. Hey Zoe,

    Yeah i agree with you, that song was Steo's baby and no one should be allowed to cover it x

  12. Hiya, yeah i cried like a baby. just watched the documentary, its very raw and emotional x.

  13. Brilliant :) i hope you enjoy the party x

  14. Aww thats great news Zoe im glad you got things sorted :D yeah im good, got a saturday off so its all good lol, hows you?

  15. Not a lot, just a lazy day lol x

  16. Yeah no problem Zoe, go ahead, i will help if i can x.

  17. Hey Stella, lol yeah it is, just wish i could take the credit :D

  18. Yeah they are really sad, i will need to have a massive box of tissues i reckon x

  19. Yeah luckily im off work thursday so i'll be able to see it. I noticed they are soing a documentary about the boyz on ITV2 after Steo's tribute show on sunday night x

  20. Hiya, yeah lol i havent been on much lately, i dont think ive seen you on there

  21. Yeah i wondered about that because they usually announce the dates before the tickets go on sale, which arena do you usually go to?

  22. haha yeah i hope so as well, i will not be happy if i dont :( i wonder when they will announce the tour dates?

  23. Yeah im so happy that it will be number 1 for Steo's birthday :D OMG a week on monday lol i will have to get a day off work to phone for tickets haha xx

  24. Yeah i know i havent been able to listen to that song since steo passed because it was his baby, i think i will need a massive box of tissues, its gonna be a hard night x.

  25. Yeah i would definately go, but i can understand what she means it would be so different without him, i still think it would be amazing though.

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