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  1. Aww Barbara thank you, that really means a lot coming from someone with your amazing talent :) lol H&A ones will be coming very soon. yeah Mr B and i are fine :P how's you? hope you are well xx

  2. Aww i hope you feel a bit better soon, ive just been working away as usual, in fact im at work right now :( You up to anything tonight?

  3. Aww just watched them, she is so gorgeous :) not doing anything either escept eating loads of choccie lol x

  4. Aww Savannah, im really sorry to hear that. I really hope things get better for you soon xxx. Im fine but really fed up with work just now as well.

    Take care x.

  5. Aww thanks for adding me as a friend. Hope you don't mind me adding you as well x.

  6. Aww thanks hun for the birthday wishes :) xx

  7. Aww thats good im sure you will enjoy it lol, hope you raise loads of money x.

  8. Aww thats good, im glad your feeling better :D see you around soon x.

  9. Aww thats great news Zoe im glad you got things sorted :D yeah im good, got a saturday off so its all good lol, hows you?

  10. aww thats nice, i hope everything goes well for her, does she know what she's having?

  11. Aww Zoe i didn't know you had been in hospital, i hope everything's ok? I ve not been up to much, im never away from work lol

  12. Aww Zoe she is absolutely gorgeous, can you ask your aunt if i can have her lol x.

  13. Aww Zoe thats gorgeous, yeah i know just been watching him of you tube, i still can't believe he's gone dont think i will ever get used to it :(

  14. Awww thank you very much, I am working tomorrow but i'm sure it will still be a good day x.

  15. Brilliant :) i hope you enjoy the party x

  16. BTW added you as a friend, hope thats ok?

  17. Btw sorry i didnt notice your comment last night, i seen James and Danny on twitter this morning messing around lol

  18. Couldnt do much today because of the bad weather, but might go shopping tomorrow, lol aww she's getting to that stage when she will be into everything. You up to anything for Easter?

  19. haha yeah i hope so as well, i will not be happy if i dont :( i wonder when they will announce the tour dates?

  20. Haha yeah that was a classic "Patrick Jane" line.

  21. haha yeah your right i guess i shouldn't complain x.

  22. Happy 21st Janie, hope you have an amazing day :D xxx

  23. Happy Birthday Anaya :D (ignore the last message, my finger slipped and i misspelt your name lol)

  24. Happy Birthday Anya :D

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