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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes hun :) xx

  2. Thank you for the birthday wishes :) x

  3. Aww thanks hun for the birthday wishes :) xx

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes Barbara :) xx and lol i will give him your love.

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes Lise :) xx

  6. Hey Janie im good thanks :) hows you? Oh and no worries hun xx

  7. Thanks Barbara :D you have a good weekend too xx

  8. Happy 21st Janie, hope you have an amazing day :D xxx

  9. Hey Barbara, I just realised i missed your birthday :( i dont know why but i thought it was the 30th July lol, anyway really sorry cos i always wish you Happy Birthday, so this is a very belated one, hope you had a good day :D xx

  10. Hey Janie, im good thanks, how are you feeling? x

  11. I think he may come close to killing him, but i really hope he doesnt for his own sake, he would only get locked up and then no more patrick means no more mentalist :(

  12. Lol yeah that was a great episode, and i agree it was nice to see an insight into his life, can't wait for friday :D x.

  13. Yeah Lucy is fantastic, in fact emmerdale have a really good cast of actors atm x.

  14. Oh wow thats pretty cool, bet your chuffed x

  15. Hiya, yeah such a great episode tonight, amazing acting from all, i noticed the tweets from the emmerdale mob lol they must sit on it all day x

  16. BTW added you as a friend, hope thats ok?

  17. Hey hows you? yeah i know TM has been amazing, Patrick is even quirkier than usual lol, it was a shame about Bosco, him and patrick were just starting to get on as well x

  18. Btw sorry i didnt notice your comment last night, i seen James and Danny on twitter this morning messing around lol

  19. Yeah it was an amazing episode, really loved it, i agree the three of them acted their hearts out, can't wait to find out what happens tomorrow x.

  20. Thats good to hear Barbara, i bet thats a weight off your mind, this whole volcano situation has been terrible. I will give him your love :P and thansk again for your lovely comments, i appreciate it :D

  21. Aww Barbara thank you, that really means a lot coming from someone with your amazing talent :) lol H&A ones will be coming very soon. yeah Mr B and i are fine :P how's you? hope you are well xx

  22. Aww just watched them, she is so gorgeous :) not doing anything either escept eating loads of choccie lol x

  23. Couldnt do much today because of the bad weather, but might go shopping tomorrow, lol aww she's getting to that stage when she will be into everything. You up to anything for Easter?

  24. Yeah im good thanks, no work until sunday so pretty happy about that lol, how is Megan doing btw?

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