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  1. Thank you and i had had a great day thanks. Yayy Lol I wanna be a teenager :P xx

  2. Thank you and i had a great day thanks :) xx

  3. Thanks. Hope you had a awesome Christmas. What is it so I can add you? xx

  4. Hey

    Sorry I haven't been on for ages

    How have you been?

    Do you still have bebo?

  5. Sounds cool

    My dads a cleaner, window cleaner and my mums a mobile hairdresser

  6. Thanks, you to.

    What work do you do?

  7. I'm good thanks

    It getting better :)

    Whats work like?

  8. Hey!

    Haven't talked for ages

    Hows you

  9. What happening with work?

  10. It getting worse :(

    My mum has to push me out the car

    Luckily Ive got my friends support

    Hows you?

  11. I know i had to leave my best firend :( Hopefully i'll settle because i don't really know anyone :(

  12. Sorry ive been on holiday

    I'm good thanks what about you? I just started high school and hate it!

  13. Ok i'll try and add you but i'm not at home i'm on my cousins laptop and don't know hoe

    w to work it very well lol

  14. Yeah i hate it

    I'll add you

  15. Someone hacked my account and deleted it which i'm really annoyed with

    My new account is SavannahM510

  16. Thanks

    It just cause ive been reallybusy and in 1 dats time i finish primary school!!! Then i'm in secondary school which is gonna be really scary

    Nice to be back to my home lol

  17. Hey

    Sorry i haven't been on for ages

    How are you?

  18. Hey

    I was using the Miley avatar on this forum but it got removed because your not allowed non home and away avatars

    Can i use it on a Miley Cyrus forum and credit?

  19. Thanks i'll do it later :)

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