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  1. You're welcome! It's okay to have a hangover when you've celebrated your 18th birthday! :P

  2. Aw that doesn't sound good. :( I hope you're feeling better very soon. I got home late last night and I was too tired to go on the internet. I'll talk to you soon then. :)

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you had/are having a great day! :)

  4. Happy 18th birthday Krystal! :D Hope you had/are having a great day! Don't get too drunk! :P And enjoy your presents, cake and party if you're having one! :D

  5. Happy birthday Janie! :D I hope you're having an awesome day. :)

  6. Aw thank you! :)It's okay. I forgive you. :P Hope you had a good time on your holiday. :)

  7. Hey Stephy,

    I don't see you on here as often as you used to. Just wondering how you are. Good, I hope.

    Barbara xxx

  8. Thank you. That sucks. Maybe you need to download VLC media player if you don't have it? That's the programme I use.

  9. Hey Zoe, I'm uploading them as we speak. I'll post them when they're uploaded. I'm fine. Getting ready to go to London tomorrow. How are you?

  10. Happy birthday Laura! Have a wonderful day! :D

  11. Thank you for the birthday wishes Lesley! I had an amazing day. I spent a few hours at the swimming pool. It felt great with this hot weather. ;) Hope you're okay. :)

  12. Thank you for the birthday wishes Laura! :D I had an awesome day.

  13. Thank you for the birthday wishes Zoe! :D I had a great day. The weather was great too. :)

  14. Thank you for the birthday wishes Reilly! :D

  15. Aw thank you for the lovely birthday song! :P I had an amazing day! :D

  16. Thank you for the birthday wishes. It was a great and sunny day! :D

  17. Thank you for the birthday wishes! I had a lovely day. :)

  18. Yes, I heard. I'm not happy with the news. :( Hilarie Burton is also leaving. OTH without Lucas is going to be weird. He's one of most important characters! My favourites are Nathan & Haley. I'm glad they'll still be on the show.

  19. You can learn how to drive at 15? I think you have to 16.5 or even 17 over here. I love OTH! It's still on air here but they're reruns atm. I haven't seen season 6 yet. I'm waiting for a Belgian channel to air it.

  20. I'm fine. Thanks for asking. I'm glad to hear you had a great day. I hope you're enjoying your presents. :)

  21. Happy birthday Mira! Have an awesome day! :D

  22. Happy 16th birthday Olivia! Hope you're having a nice day! :)

  23. Happy 18th birthday Barbro! Welcome to the adult world! :P Hope you had a great day! :)

  24. Happy birthday Jen ! :D Hope you had a really good day! :)

  25. Happy birthday Jack! I hope you are having a great day! :D

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