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  1. Those avs are HOT! The colouring is superb!
  2. Barbara your work is stunning! I'm in love with the colouring on that recent batch... it's incredible...
  3. Wow. I love the recent updates Jen. They are amazing. Where do you find all your caps? Amazing work
  4. Hmmm... Does Geoff have temporary memory loss or something? Like everyone else... I'm very confuzzled right now Loving this fic Bec! Please update soon!
  5. I have to be the same as everyone else and go.... Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! That chapter was soooooo sweet..... Nawww Update soon!
  6. Broken - Lifehouse. It describes my life perfectly atm
  7. My sister's keeper. So sad .... I cried in so many parts
  8. Piece of chocolate slice my neighbour brought over and a peach flavoured aqa
  9. ^ Instead of keeping them at 100x100 the forum scales them up to 120x120 for some reason. Hope that explains it Leyla
  10. PJ's and dressing gown... Time for bed *yawns*
  11. Strippy skivvy, purple woolen cardi, gray trackies and black uggs.
  12. Gorgeous work Bec! I love the Rachel ones and the Martha ones!
  13. Taylor Swift - We belong together
  14. Chewing gum, these random energy lollies and a can of L&P.
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