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  1. Aw thanks, i had a great day, ate way too much though. Haha. xo

  2. Hehe, thanks for the birthday wishes Lise! :D

  3. Aw thanks very much! ^_^

  4. You already know what i think of these Bec, but i'll be happy to tell you again I really really really love that Ric and Belle av, everything about it is amazing. I love the colouring on the rest of the avs, it's unique for each one. Love 'em!
  5. OMG Jen! I absoulutly love these. They are hot!
  6. these are just beautiful Amy! Love them all!
  7. I use to really enjoy watching Ruby when she first arrived in the bay, but as time when on and she changed so much i found myself starting to really dislike her. I would like to see the way she treats people improved. It's like she gets what she wants and doesn't care who she hurts on the way. I would like to see Ruby stay single. Since she arrived on the show she hasn't seemed to say single for long. I would like to see how she developes as a single girl, rather then always having a boyfriend around. The my feelings about her may change.
  8. Blue short shorts and light brown singlet
  9. Hae...

    Aw that's good. I'm great. :D

    I haven't been up to much... Just chillin'... wbu?


  10. A lemonade aqa and 2 bottle of nail polish (bright pink and bright green)
  11. Aw cool. I'd love to go to Europe one day! :D xx

  12. Hey El!

    Howz yhu??


  13. I've been great thanks, haven't been up to much at all. Wbu? xx

  14. Movie ticket, gum and a bottle of mountain dew.
  15. Hey Suz!

    We haven't talked in like forever! How have you been?

  16. Hey hey!

    I've been great thanks. Wbu? Hehe yeah it is, i'm looking foward to it. Mostly coz i wanna see what my bf got me =P

  17. Black leggings, denim mini skirt and loose black top
  18. Same to you hun! Hope you get everything you want for the coming year. Your graphics are amazing also, i should comment more often! *slaps self* Lotsa love xx

  19. Guy Sebastian ft Jordin Sparks - art of love
  20. Blue short shorts and pink/purple singlet
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