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  1. Meh, it was ok. Apart from R.E. that was just >_<

  2. That's good! How was school? =)

  3. CECIL! =) how are you? feeling any better?

  4. Shakira - Waka Waka (this time for Africa)
  5. Stunning. gorgeous. pretty. gaaaah. I love them!
  6. Lovely update Amy. Those icons are perfect. You have the B/W icons mastered!
  7. DJ Sammy - Heaven 911 remix So sad...
  8. Crackers and white chocolate mocha
  9. Hmmm... The colouring of Ruby with the red headband on please, it's
  10. Wow. Those avs are stunning Bec! I adore the colouring! Any chance of a tut?
  11. Lee DeWyze - You're still the one
  12. Charmed60 here are some icons i made
  13. The blindside. Absolutely loved it!
  14. Toast with peanut butter and a glass of apple and blackcurrant juice
  15. Leona Lewis - I got you I'm addicted to this song.
  16. Heeeeey! aww i know.. we need to talk more... yah im pretty good aye... me? crazy? never! =P hehe... ttyl xo

  17. The Hampdens - Asleep on the lawn
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