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  1. Cool when's your next baby due?

    Schools alright except i have heaps of exams on at the moment :(

    I got the day off today coz i'm quite sick so mum let me have the day off Wahoo!

    Katie xx

  2. Yes i do LOVE Shorty :D

    I'm good under pressure from school and i have a cold :( but i'm ok i guess. W b u?

  3. Hey,

    I added you as a friend hope you don't mind :D

  4. Forgot to say


  5. Yeah i better get it done but it's so boring i can't be bothered, after all it's only Social Studies but my teacher is a yotal cow! I HATE her. she always gives me really bad marks when i do good work. But yes better hop to it lol :P

  6. Hey,

    How are you?

    I'm good i'm currently on my school holidays Wahoo! But todays my last day sadly :( Then back to the hard times of High School :( And i still haven't finished my assignmet that i've had 3 weeks to do Whoops! :P

  7. Was raining all day today which means it's the start of winter in NZ, well the North Island anyway
  8. Yeah i do, but not as many, so i'm alright i guess : )

  9. I'm good, schools really tricky at the moment :(

  10. ^^Thanks I'm really struggling and i don't usually struggle, so annoying
  11. Well for my English assignment i have to read the Diary of Anne Frank It's taking me forever to read, and my assignment is due next week
  12. Blue skys, no wind & really sunny I think i'm going to walk down to the beach for a swim now coz i'm seriously hot!
  13. Today the weather is yuk it's raining, wet, windy and really cold.
  14. The weather on the North Shore is awesome today it's blue skys, suns out but i has a little bit of wind. But over all it's lovely weather really hot
  15. I was wondering when are J&M getting back together is it soon?
  16. Hey Rach,

    I was wondering could you please please please updat Sinful Seduction? before Friday as it's my aunties wedding so i won't be on here for a while thanks.

  17. Hey PINK,

    I was wondering when are you going to updat The Best Mistake because i love that fic you are a very talented writer by the way can't wwait for an update. :P

  18. Hae Savannah,

    I'm fine i guess but i can't believe it i start school tomorrow Grrrrr!!!!! i can't wait to see my best friends i hope 1 of my friends is in my class coz there is 5 year nine classes this year and my bag i soooo heavy but apart from that i'm fine i guess.


  19. Hae Rach,

    I just read the chapter it was great but can you make Jack and Martha kiss soon pretty please also good luck with Uni i start High School (year 9) in NZ in 3 more dayz Grrr!!!! i Hate school aniwayz your fic is awesome can't wait for more.

    Katie :P

  20. Hey Rach,

    I was wondering when are you going to update sinful Seduction because i really love your fic.

    Katie :P

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