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  1. Yeeeees i loooooooove oyur fic, its great!

    Now why were you up all night missy??

    I know i'm tired coz i was at a party down by the lake drinking all night with hot guys lol =P but that's another story.

  2. My pink & white ripcurl jandles, my demin jeans, a white 3 quarter-length flowy top and a silver belt.
  3. I'm in love!! *nods* This one N'awwwww Lovely update Barbara!
  4. He was ok, but Alice & Kelly! Awww! I want kip & Alice to get together! he would make an awesome father figure to Kelly! Awwww!!

  5. O.M.G!!!! they are awesome!! Did you use a tut for them, coz they are WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAHH!!
  6. Hey! How are you?? OMG! Shorty was sad & cute tonight, Alice and Kelly n'awww... tooooo cuuute!, Craigs funeral sooooo sad!! :(

  7. YES evri1 h8z skool! >=(

    Um yea ok, really boring thou.

  8. No probz! :D

    So how r yoo??

    Lurve! xox

  9. Lol! I LURVE Todd!! Total hottie! lol. Um yeah i'll do the av thing :)

    Lurve ya! xx

  10. Yeah he sooooooo is, i love Hunter, and i really want Hunter & Morgan to get together!!

  11. Ha yea i guess it is! I take it your a Todd fan?? hahaha!

  12. I found your flickr page :D Your miss.Lee Donoghue right?? You have heaps of Aden stuff on your page! lol.

  13. Hey Bec!

    Just thought i would leve you a comment and say Hi & how are ya!

    Katie xxx

  14. No, well i was on streettalk and i went to the photo bit & flickr came up, i noticed those things, and then you posted them :D

    Can you PM me the link for your page??

  15. Hey i added you back!

    Yeah Shortys great, just luv it! Um do you think Alice's baby is Craig or Guy's?


  16. I really LOVE all of these ones Great work!!
  17. Ooooooooooooo! They are all amazing! Could i PLEASE use a J&M one *looks hopeful* i will credit you of course!
  18. Bec those are GREAT Love all the Jack and Martha ones Can't wait to see some more xxx
  19. Bec they are beeeeeeeeeeeautiful!! Really love the new style ya used on ya av's GREAT work hun, look forward to seeing some more
  20. Hey!

    I added you as a friend hope you don't mind :D


  21. Hello!

    I added you as a friend hope you don't mind :D


  22. I added you as a friend, hope you don't mind :)


  23. Hey,

    I added you as a friend hope you don't mind :D

  24. Hey,

    I added you as a friend hope you don't mind :D

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