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  1. I went out for dinner with my friends the night before so that was my kinda special thing to do, and i did, i got a awesome camera. =D

  2. Hehe thank you very much! =D things are going alright, thanks =)

  3. Thank you! I had a good day =)

  4. Thanks so much Lise! =)

  5. Thanks Kristen!!!! =D

  6. Omg girl! where you been! nvknvkl! ive missed you! =) im good thanks, got my ncea results online yesterday, i did alright... now i start year 12 =(... how you been? =)

  7. They are all amazing Jen. Where did you find the textures on the Robbie and Tasha icons?
  8. They are all stunning. Your colouring is always amazing, Jen.
  9. Tinie Tempah - written in the stars
  10. Bec they are all so stunning! The colouring is amazing and pretty! <3 Great work, hun
  11. Steamed beef dumplings on vegetable rice and a glass of coke.
  12. I wondered why you haven't replied to my txts! Haha. Yeah sure thing =) oohh guess what i applied for a job, it's at pak'n save but idc it's a job! =D

  13. i hope Kieren doesnt die! =( and and Zoe and Issac.. poor Tania! >=[

    ly muchly <3

  14. Lol, omggg im watching shorty atm!! talk about intense! =/

  15. kk. and thaaaaanks, i love 'em! and sureee just txt me tha link? =D

  16. Sucks that you didn't win your netball game hun =(

  17. Denim leggings, black singlet and a cappuccino/grey/dark brown coloured cardi
  18. Hehe, sweet. Aww thanks! =D i hope i do too! =P

  19. Aww no bummer! =( hey i might not be able to txt you much during school in another few weeks coz i have mocks coming up. but i'll txt you tomorrow =)

  20. Meh, it was ok. Apart from R.E. that was just >_<

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