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  1. Perhaps the level of adherence to mask wearing depends on where in the UK you look and how affected by Covid that area currently is, but here (Swindon) I'd say nobody wearing masks is unfortunately pretty true to current reality, so if I was still watching Eastenders it wouldn't seem particularly weird to me (I gave up on Eastenders to concentrate on Classic Corrie, but then switched again to the early years of Home and Away on Prime).
  2. I'm just going to add here that I wasn't originally convinced that there could have been a xmas day broadcast of H&A in 1989, so after trying youtube for Xmas 89 continuity clips from ITV, I sought out my original off-air recording of the film "The BFG" that immediately preceded it, which was due originally to start at 3:15, then at some point near Xmas this was changed to 3:10 (perhaps HM The Queen, on at 3, was short of material that year?). Unfortunately my dad, who made the recording for me in the first place (I was 6!) was, on that day, super efficient at starting and ending the recor
  3. I will see what I can find for 1995 viewing figures, but by that point my source was only publishing a listing occasionally, and only including the highest viewed episode for any particular show that aired more than once in a week, so there's only limited information I can get. In terms of the researching of airdates, I've just tallied the airdates on the episodes section of this site with my spreadsheet compiled from weekly tv ratings, and this site says eps 138 and 139 both aired on 23rd August, with no ep on the 24th August, and eps 152 and 153 both aired on 12th September, with no ep on
  4. If it helps the researching of UK airdates I currently have access to tv ratings for at least the 1989-93/4 period. They're top 30 lists for each channel, so if less than five H&A's make it into the ITV top 30 then something unusual must have happened that week. Unfortunately some weeks are missing, and the show wasn't charting consistently enough for this method in the first four-ish months, but still it adds extra evidence to the research. I've already studied up to May 1991 so far, and a few irregularities have jumped out at me. Home and Away did not chart on Xmas Day Monday or Boxing D
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