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  1. Great chapter Liked Christian staying and waiting for Tori. Nice Colby and Tori visited Robbo grave update again soon
  2. Great chapter Tori using Christian as a distraction Colby and Tori at Robbo grave so sweet Update again soon
  3. Great chapter loving Colby and Tori friendship Christian being jealous haha lol Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Liked her family being supportive of Tori Lovely chat between Jasmine and Christian will Christian prove he can be trusted? Update again soon
  5. Great ending aww they are all a family Robbo,Tori,Grace,Jasmine,Christian etc. I loved this story so much.
  6. Great chapter Tori’s in trouble Christian being very supportive Update again soon
  7. Great chapter glad Tori told Christian everything about her family and Robbo And Christian he’s still here. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Tori and Grace are Robbo’s family glad Jasmine explained to Christian why they never got together Tori and Robbo good they are becoming friends Update again soon
  9. Great chapter Glad Robbo was okay. aww at Tori and Robbo and then Jasmine and Robbo. Update again soon
  10. Great chapters Haha at Tori yelling at Angelo. Nice girly chat between Jasmine and Tori Update again soon
  11. Great chapter I hope Robbo will be okay Liked Christian supporting Tori Nice little moment with Jasmine and Tori Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Liked Tori going to Robbo’s grave. Christian checking in on Tori and Justin Update again soon
  13. Great chapter Tori being so open with Christian about Robbo. Lovely bit at the end of the chapter Update again soon
  14. Lunch Salted Caramel chiller (iced drink) Dinner
  15. Great chapter Nick’s relationship with Julie is on the rocks poor Carly feeling trapped and Ben is a grade A A-hole Poor Sophie glad Bobby and Frank could calm her down. Update again soon
  16. Great chapter no it’s not a crap chapter Sally and Flynn so sweet. poor Ric did he really kill Rocco? Update again soon
  17. Great chapter Roo probably shouldn’t of gone with Donovan Greg is jealous of Frank. Pippa and the Rev Update again soon
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