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  1. Great chapter Chloe and Nikau are so cute cousin bond Raffy and Rhyder to be determined but I can see them in fanfic land getting back together Update again soon
  2. Great chapters Tori getting interrupting by Lance Poor Christian. Update again soon
  3. Great chapter lots happening. Ziggy telling Coco about Dean and Colby being involved in Ross death. Rhyder going to get Raffy back. Update again soon
  4. Yeah well sadly the characters get written off due to the stars wanting to go back to school I think that's why Raf and Coco left H&A well the actresses anyway.
  5. Great chapter Both Raffy and Coco are back but why? Raf wants to get back with Rhyder interesting What decision does Rhyder have to make? Update again soon
  6. Great chapter oh so Raffy called Rhyder. Interesting Update again soon
  7. Green chapter Christain going to Jasmine I hope Tori trust Christian and Robbo will approve Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Christain trying to talk to Tori Will Tori ever let Christian in? Update again soon
  9. Great chapter Bobby,Frank and Sophie are so cute but Greg is jealous hmm... Good Emma got to say good bye to David Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Oh Ari has a daughter I have not watched the show so I didn’t know he did. what’s up with Rhyder? Update again soon
  11. Great chapters sad we will never know if Robbo will approve of Christian will Tori let him in? I hope so Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Will Christian prove himself to Tori and the gang? Love this story Update again soon
  13. Great chapter liked the chat between Christian and Tori Tori decided to stay away from Christian and take time off update again soon
  14. Great chapter Tori and Colby aww Christian liking Tori but will she let him in? update again soon
  15. Great chapter Aww love Colby and Tori bond Justin telling Christian about Robbo and Mason This is so good Update again soon
  16. Great chapter Liked the parental chat Ben and Maggie had with Ziggy Aww Bella and Nikau young love Oh who’s at the door? Update again soon
  17. Great chapter oh no Bella saw Jay good Christian was there for Tori. this is getting good Update again soon
  18. Yes I thought that’s what I wrote edited my post...
  19. Great chapter oh Bella had a crush on Ryder love their friends now Wonder who called Ryder? Update again soon
  20. Great chapter Liked Christian and Tori together I really love this story Update again soon
  21. Great chapter oh no Bella saw Jay good of Christian to let Tori and Jasmine be. Update again soon
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