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  1. LOL yummy. where did you go? LOL Im bored *cries*
  2. Oh I think I've seen that one. I feel like cheese and chips lol. what do you feel like?
  3. LOL I like rock and Pop what episode of home and away is on? I've probally already seen it cause I think Australia is farther ahead of you
  4. Ok Simple Plan and/or Good Charlotte?
  5. LOL ok. It's not on in Adelaide until 7:00PM *cries* do you like Linkin Park?
  6. oh but isn't home and away on at 7:00PM?
  7. it is? What time is it? it's only 3:05PM in adelaide
  8. I forgot Pink,Fergie,The Fray,Good Charlotte and Simple plan and Linkin Park and fall out boy plus I can't forget Green day fave song/songs? Mine are .Numb .What I've done .Glamrous .Big girls don't cry .Broken hearts parade .Dance Floor anthem .Break apart her heart .Americain idiot
  9. lol Cool who's your favourite singer/singers? MIne are Paris hilton Lindsay Lohan Zac Efron Ashley Tisdale Jessica Simpson Ashlee Simpson Justin Timberlake and so many more
  10. Lindsay Lohan Mandy Moore Reese Witherspoon The Olsen twins and so many more that I can't think of right now you?
  11. Stick it HSM (High school musical) Mean girls Sisterhood of the travelling pants Just my luck Tower of Terror what about you?
  12. Cool What year are you in at school? I'm in year 12 YAYER I added a new chapter to my fan fiction yesterday
  13. Character Lucas,Nathan and Hayley Couples Nathan and Hayley,Lucas and Brooke and Dan and Karen you?
  14. Hey Kate I'm here. I'm not up to much just listening to Linkin Park and on Tammin and Veronicas forum What about you?
  15. Why? My internet screwed up but now it fixed it's self. I'm so bored I can hear the tv do you watch Lost?
  16. Neighbours is on in Adelaide but obviously om not watching it cause im here but I mite walk off and watch it so if I don't talk on msn Rosey you know why. I probally walked off to watch tv.
  17. No I don't cause there in the wash and I'm here Rosey
  18. tis 6:19pm and my feet are so cold I think I'm gunna go cry. Neighbours is on soon do you watch Neighbours?
  19. Thank you im trying to record a song on my phone its quiet hard lol anyways whats happening?
  20. Well it's in the bottom of my signatures but anyways http://backtothebay.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=26164 my feet are so cold
  21. Cool. My feet are cold I have coke and mintues yummy Want some? have you read my fan fiction yet?
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