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  1. Dance floor anthem-Good Charlotte
  2. Your leaving me???????????????????????????????? Talk to me Rosey
  3. LOL so you know that they can stink the house out sometimes LOL. My cat stunk my house out so bad. *Cries*
  4. *CRIES* OMG it smells! My cat just took a big dump and now it smells so bad. Do you have any pets?
  5. Hi Rosey OMG people Kate's so boring Just joking Kate NO more MINTIES AND COKE! *cries*
  6. LOL you must be really smart. My friends brother finished year 12 when he was 16. No more minties
  7. I'm having dinner soon LOL when are you turning 16? are you one of the people who starts off in year 11 as 15 and then later 16? Some of My friends are 17 and in year 12
  8. LOL their too late. I don't have many minties left and not much coke left so they can go cry just joking. so Kate how old are you???????????????????
  9. Thats ok and I can see ~Rosey~ and pritnep at the bottom of the page I have minties and coke wants some?????????????
  10. LOL if you feel like it join their forum http://board.theveronicas.com/index.php?act=idx
  11. LOL I have there album but it doesn't work on the computer *cries*
  12. LOL I have posed a topic in introductions and spill it on one tree hill forum Read them LOL Minties yayer!
  13. LOL I don't have them on me right now but im about to go get them
  14. Yep but I never use it LOL Minties?
  15. Cool are you a member of the home and away central forum?
  16. yep I'm trying to find an avatar that's not to big LOL
  17. Yes Whats your username?
  18. LOL are you eating or drinking anything right now? whats the url for the one tree hill forum?
  19. One tree hill!!!!!!!! you?
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