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  1. Great chapters Coco left but it was only temporary to get Ziggy and Dean back together I wonder who called Colby. I look forward to the last chapter
  2. Great chapter Finally Tori told Christian the truth and it seemed right. Funny Christian was jealous of Colby Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Haha Bella and Colby won the bet Aww Bella and Nikau oh dear hopefully Tane will be okay Update again soon
  4. Great chapter aww Torian poor Christian jealous of Tori and Colby Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Good Christian comforted Tori Nice little chat between Justin and Jasmine Update again soon
  6. Great chapter oh no everyone of Tori and friends has to testify against Jay Poor Christian Update again soon
  7. Great chapter so Tori didn’t stand Christian up phew was worried. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter oh no Tori choose Lance and family over Christian poor guy. I really enjoyed this story. update again soon
  9. Great chapter Christain and Tori talked about the future Colby and Bella made a deal with Ziggy and Dean Update again soon
  10. Great chapter good Dean and Ziggy are back together Loved family time between Ziggy and Coco, Bella and Colby and Dean and Mackenzie Update again soon
  11. Great chapter funny Dean and Ziggy went along with the plan anyway! Tane calling Gemma. Update again soon
  12. Great chapter the plan is in motion little do the others know Ziggy is with Dean at the moment ! interested to see how it all goes down Update again soon
  13. Great chapter oh so everything is falling in to place Ziggy actually dumped Tane to get back with Dean possibly . Update again soon
  14. Great chapter Greg taking Fiona home and having a beer with her Grant returned and learning about Sophie Good Julie dad will support her moving to the city Al what have you done sending Susan to get Sophie? Update again soon
  15. Great chapter Ryder and Raffy are so cute and want a family dinner to celebrate Oh a love triangle maybe between Dean,Ziggy and Tane Update again soon
  16. Great chapter Bella and Coco wanting to get Ziggy and Dean back together Aww Ryder and Raffy are cute and back together good Alf walked in on the good news Update again soon
  17. Great chapter Lance is a nice touch Whoa Lance did a background check on Christian and it came back clean haha maybe now Tori might trust him. Update again soon
  18. Great chapter oh no what will Tori do now? Christian deserves a chance keep updating
  19. Great chapter Jas having a chat with Christian And he’s not giving up aww. So Lance knows why Tori won’t let people in interesting Keep updates coming
  20. Great chapter Lance and Tori bonding aww and Grace too. Feel sorry for Christian Tori isn’t willing to let him in. Keep updating
  21. Great chapter oh is Tori going to let Christian in? Lance is staying around Update again soon
  22. Great chapter Christain going to Justin. Glad Tori agreed to dinner. So Justin knows Lance is back Update again soon
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