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  1. Great chapter poor Tori Aww Colby and Bella Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Tori and Justin and Leah know about Colby and Ross. Aww Tori and Colby. Update again soon
  3. Great chapter John and Robbo working together maybe. I look forward to more Update again soon
  4. Great chapter Marilyn finally figured out Adam left her for Shannon oh no Frank shouldn’t of left Sophie in plain sight for Al to find uh-oh. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Phew it was just Matt an FBI agent at the door Robbo is still being held captive Update again soon
  6. Great chapter what does the guy want with Robbo? uh-Oh.... at end of chapter Update again soon
  7. Good chapter Oh Robbo was being held captive but was allowed to go to the wedding Intriguing Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Colby finally told Tori. now to see how it all fans out. Update again soon
  9. 3 packs of chips Candy Metrocard recharge
  10. Great chapter Liked the chats between Robbo and his parents and Robbo,Colby and Tori Update again soon
  11. Great chapter liked the chat between Colby and Jasmine Time will tell Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Colby was about to tell Tori what he promised Robbo right on queue Christian walked in Update again soon
  13. Great chapter Christian played along Colby and Tori are married Update again soon
  14. Great chapter Oh so Tori is with Christian well I can see why Colby is scared it’s complicated now Update again soon
  15. Great chapter Robbo is so supportive of Tori and Colby but he did set the plan up. This is getting good Update again soon
  16. Great chapter Oh Colby and Tori hey interesting I like the idea already Update again soon
  17. Great chapter Poor Christian I hope he will understand why Colby and Tori are doing this. Update again soon
  18. Great chapter Robbo’s parents are onboard with the plan oh poor Christian hopefully he will go along with the plan. Update again soon
  19. Great chapters oh Robbo is alive. Colby and Tori pretend to get engaged and be married in another week haha Update again soon
  20. Great chapter Bobby and Frank will never hand Sophie over to Al or anyone else Bobby forgave Greg Poor Carly Update again soon
  21. Great ending Good Colby and Tori went to Robbo’s grave I’m glad Colby wasn’t sent to jail.
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