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  1. Great chapter Poor Sophie thinking Frank and Bobby might leave her at school about time for Shane to turn up... Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Robbo still not convinced about Christian poor guy Update again soon
  3. Great chapter Robbo and Tori so sweet. Justin telling Robbo Christian is his best friend aww Update again soon
  4. Great chapter aww Family day so cute good Christian and Jasmine could be involved Robbo and Tori going out together Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Brad needs to leave Sally alone. Ric didn’t kill Rocco I wonder if dinner will go to plan. Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Seems like Tori has a choice to make. the visit to Robbo was sweet Update again soon
  7. Great chapter Nice chat between Jasmine and Christian Jasmine told Christian straight she won’t choose him. Poor guy. Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Tori being there for Colby so sweet. Aww Torian. Update again soon
  9. Great chapter Justin almost walked in on Tori and Colby that was close! I wonder how them visiting Robbo grave will go. Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Hmm Robbo needs time to decide if Christian is a good guy. see how that one plays out. Update again soon
  11. Great chapters. Stick to the story and you'll be fine. Angelo really needs to leave. Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Bobby is playing a dangerous game leading both Frank and Greg on... I look forward to more Update again soon
  13. Great chapter So everyone meets interesting wonder how it will go from here on. I find it funny how Justin is like fine my family I know what they like. Update again son
  14. Great chapter Tori trying to ignore her feelings for Colby only to change her mind interesting... Udate again soon
  15. Great chapter Glad Tori told Robbo about Christian I hope the dinner goes well. Update again soon
  16. Great chapter Oh so Tori told Christian about Robbo being in witness protection hmm will Robbo like Christian? Update again soon
  17. Great chapter Glad Leah and Justin are happy Tori is home. hmm will Tori tell Christian everything minus the relationship with Robbo? Update again soon
  18. Great chapter Al confessed to breaking in to the diner. Frank telling Bobby Greg came to see him. Update again soon
  19. Great chapter Everyone is back home Robbo and Jasmine reunite. Tori can keep the ring not sure about telling Christian it was a present from Grace father though. aww Tori/Colby. Update again soon
  20. Great chapter Well bye John... Glad everyone else got out but was a cliffhanger suspense there for a while keep updating
  21. Great chapter thank god Robbo is out. Hopefully Jacob makes it out and John.... Update again soon
  22. Great chapter Robbo and Jacob trying to stop John. oh no don’t do it John Update again soon
  23. Great chapter oh no John is nasty! Hopefully they can get to Robbo bit of a cliff hanger there... update again soon
  24. Great chapters glad Frank got to Sophie Greg being jealous of Frank and Bobby uh-oh Update again soon
  25. Great chapters I hope Colby can hold Angelo off. Aww Tori and Christian Update again soon
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