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  1. Have a great idea for a fanfic but have to wait until a librarian lets me know if they are happy with my one-shot Forbidden as I have a few too many unfinished ones in the vault.

    1. InfantryAlex


      I didn't realize there was a limit.. I only have two unfinished ones in the vault I think :blush:


    2. Kristen


      I think the limit is 10 and I have like 16.

    3. InfantryAlex


      Ah hope they approve your one shot! :wub:

  2. Happy birthday Phoebe :)

  3. Thank you for commenting on Connections I have decided to try and finish Not Over You as well. 

  4. Hey phoebe

    enjoying your fan fiction.

    also just a reminder that you're signature still has evie avatar by watchtowering in it.

    if you need any help on deleting it or you forgot let me know.


    1. Phoebe


      Thank you! I completely forgot about it! xx


  5. Hey.

    I know you haven't been reading it for a while but if you want to read it I have decided to try and finish my fan fiction Forgiveness.

    1. Red Ranger 1

      Red Ranger 1

      Thanks for the head's up, I'll check it out.

    2. Kristen


      No problem I have posted  the next chapter :) 

  6. Hey If you're interested I posted the sequel to Teen Lust and Unfaithful it's called Forgiveness

  7. Thanks for commenting my artwork and just to let you know I have updated it :)

  8. Hi :)

    Can you please check out my artwork?

    I've only just started and am not that good.

    also please check out my fanfics.

    Kristen xo

  9. Hey I'm good thanks :) Sorry I haven't been on facebook much on Monday and Tuesday nights I watch 3 shows Neighbours,Home and Away and The X-factor tonight we find out who wins :)

  10. Happy birthday John :)

  11. I watched the last few eps of season 1 on Foxtel and I brought it on DVD and I watched Season 2 on Foxtel and Season 3 on ten and again on Foxtel cause I missed some eps when it aired on ten. I might watch season 4 ep 2 tonight lol

  12. Happy Birthday Lore hope you have a great day (:

  13. I'm good thanks and I do I own the first 3 seasons and have already watched first ep of Season 4.

  14. Het I know you've been reading Summer Bay Meets One Direction and I'll hopefully do a chapter for that soon was wondering if you could check out my other fanfics unfaithful connections coming undone and love the way you lie :)

  15. I've updated Coming Undone (: and might be updating my other couple of fanfics soon :)

  16. Yeah I do that too might order the new Tatylor Swift CD this friday and a buy a CD I want this friday I almost always have to get them the day they come out and yeah I don't think I will have them break up may do the enxt chapter tomorrow but then I have to send it off to bed proofread by matticus01 I should go to sleep now it's 11:23pm here lol

  17. haha my friends try to get me to wait for Christmas but I'm like must have now (: I may buy the new Taylor Swift CD when it comes out in a few weeks :D I have a fanfic based around SB teens and 1D lol its called Summer bay meets One Direction :D

  18. Awesome can

    t wait to read it love your personal photo I'm a 1D fan too I already pre-ordered there new CD (:


  19. Naw thanks I did write stories and poems from 14 until about 17 now I enjoy doing fanfics lol

    You should post some fanfics on here lol

  20. Thanks for commenting my fanfic I have 2 others I may update in the next day or so <3

  21. Yeah I think it's too soon after Rocco but if Sasha is pregnant I wonder how Casey will feel as its his kid and I don't think Sid will like it either and I think they may have to put the baby up for adoption I think there too young too look after a baby but maybe the writers will see it differently

  22. Naw thanks and I can't wait for you to post your fanfic :)

  23. Cool I have like 5 fanfics and a few others that I didn't finish cause it seemed like people lost interest and I may not write a new fanfic for a while my newest fanfic is about Casey and Kyle

  24. They better get together or I could just keep imagining and write fanfics about then together :)

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