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  1. I agree with this. Angelo just needs to get lost now. Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Tori begging Christian to figure it out and find the answer Update again soon
  3. I agree not sure why Angelo could use that. will Tori tell Christian the truth? Update again soon
  4. I agree with this. Angelo just needs to F off seriously. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Hmm is Emma pregnant? Greg struggling and Sophie too. Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Jasmine tricks Christain I hope he figures it out. Update again soon
  7. Again I totally agree with this Heath telling Dean Angelo hates river boys Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Nice moment between Tori and Robbo. Oh I hope Christian figures it out Update again soon :)
  9. Great chapter Oh Chelsea isn’t sure about forgetting everything and starting over Colby and Tori are seriously friendship goals Update again soon
  10. I totally agree with this. Poor guy Update again soon
  11. Great chapter Torian talking about the future aww. Tori feels guilty for lying to Christian Update again soon
  12. Great chapter Torian so cute. Sibling time with Bella and Colby Angelo needs to leave Dean alone truly keep updating every few minutes
  13. Great chapter Tori still keeping secrets from Christian poor guy glad they had some time together though Tori and Justin bond is so sweet Update again soon
  14. Great chapter Tori keeping secrets from Christian poor guy Tori and Dean friends interesting. Angelo really needs to leave Update again soon (every five minutes )
  15. Great chapter Tori telling Angelo to F off basically Christian is still not in the loop poor guy Update again soon
  16. Great chapter Angelo figures out Colby didn’t kill Ross. Poor Christian Update again soon
  17. Great chapter Christian being there for Tori. don’t do it Colby and Dean whatever it is Update again soon
  18. I totally agree with this. Poor Grace. Update again soon
  19. Great chapter Colby and Chelsea may be getting back together see how that goes. Update again soon
  20. Great chapter Shane has some ideas about staying hope Bobby means what she said Update again soon
  21. I agree with this. Poor Christian feeling jealous. Update again soon
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