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  1. Great chapter Frank going home and Roo choosing to work. Oh what is Andrew up too who is Sam going to be fostered be? Update again soon
  2. Great chapter glad Shane and Shannon talked things out and agreed to be together now. liked Shane telling Shannon she would be a great mother Update again soon
  3. Great Chapter Liked the exchange between Don and Alf. Lol at Marilyn once losing a kid. Sounds like Don’s evening with Shannon and Shane went well Update again soon
  4. Kristen

    Marry Me?

    Great Chapter Oh so Kyle brother Ethan also bullied him ugh poor guy. This should be good meeting the rest of his family Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Good Don was setting his personal feelings aside and spoke to Shannon and Shane separately Update again soon
  6. Great chapter Nice of Selina and Curtis helping Shannon move in with Shane lovely bit at end of the chapter there. Update again soon
  7. Great Chapter Marilyn got a bit jumpy when Ben and Carly arrived at the diner. Dennis and Debra both wanting the children hmm... Marilyn saw everything Ben did to Carly. Oh is Sam maybe going to live with Bobby? Update again soon
  8. Great Chapter Alf just got away with that better be careful Oh so Ben took the money hoping Carly would blame Steve or Sally. poor Steve Carly being mean to him all the time Update again soon
  9. Casual Clothes (Jeans, shirt and hoodie)
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