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  1. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter Sally telling Pippa better late then never. Yeah she has. Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Poor Sophie I remember in the show I was not born then but I’ve seen it in old clips, when Bobby accidentally knocked Sally on her bottom. Oh Sarah was dating Ben oh dear. Update again soon
  3. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter Good Pippa is back I am too. update again soon
  4. Great chapter I really enjoyed Sally with Alf and Lance and Colleen and Carly. Loving this. Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Frank and Sally's birthday Steve dropping the I'm leaving bombshell. Update again soon
  6. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter I agree with this 100% Update again soon
  7. Great chapter loved Frank and Roo reunion. Keep updating! I look forward to the next one
  8. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter good Cassie is opening up to Ric a bit more. I look forward to more Update again soon
  9. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter I 100% agree Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Tony,Matilda and Ric being introduced to Ryder. Keep updating I look forward to more
  11. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter Flynn deserved to know about Cassie but not like that good Cassie is going to talk to him. Glad Ric is starting school Update again soon
  12. Great two chapters bringing back all the old characters or at least mentioned them. I look forward to more
  13. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter Glad Sally and Dan could help Cassie. Matilda meeting Ric. oh Ric wants to go to school now to support Cassie Update again soon
  14. Good chapter Sally and Cassie return for the celebrations Good twist. Update again soon
  15. great chapter Yeah me too Update again soon
  16. Kristen

    Now A Family

    Great chapter Cassie calling Flynn dad. Stupid kid harassing Cassie I hope Sally and Dan can help her Update again soon
  17. Great chapter I hope Bobby can make Greg understand Frank is Sophie’s dad. Greg why are you seeing Fiona still? Update again soon
  18. Great chapter Good Leah told Justin he could of handled it better though. Wonder how the date will go. Update again soon
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