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  1. Great chapter Beth and Frank Sophie seems happy Emma helping Shane Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Shane fooling Nick but hiding out in the shed bad idea. Bobby apologies to Frank. Frank bonding with Sophie Bobby with Sophie at school. is Bobby jealous of Beth and Frank ? Update again soon
  3. Great chapters Poor Sophie. What are you up to Shane? Update again soon
  4. Pink patterned top, jacket and black jeans
  5. Great chapters. Greg wanting to take both the kids out. What is Shane up to? I agree with this re Bobby. Update again soon
  6. Good chapter oh Chelsea could of made her decision and told Colby bad timing Jasmine. Update again soon
  7. Great chapter nice chat between Justin and Christian. I hope Christian figures it out soon Update again soon
  8. Great chapters Bobby being jealous of Frank and Beth Adam showing up at Marilyn's Update again soon
  9. Great chapter oh could something come of Shane and Emma meeting ? Ailsa and Grant oh dear Update again soon
  10. Great chapters Frank and Beth having a nice chat. I hope nothing comes of it but maybe if it did Greg wouldn't be jealous of Frank Update again soon
  11. I agree with this re Shane. Frank staying with Sophie at school Update again soon
  12. I totally agree. love this story Update again soon
  13. Yes I agree. Shane interested in Shannon. Emma biting Sandra’s head off Update again soon
  14. I agree with this. Angelo just needs to get lost now. Update again soon
  15. Great chapter Tori begging Christian to figure it out and find the answer Update again soon
  16. I agree not sure why Angelo could use that. will Tori tell Christian the truth? Update again soon
  17. I agree with this. Angelo just needs to F off seriously. Update again soon
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