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  1. Great chapter Liked the flashbacks Nick is confused huh? Julie or Lucinda Frank wanting Roo to go back to work Marilyn freaking out on her date with Adam after Ben I can't say I blame her Update again soon
  2. First sight by Danielle Steele
  3. Kristen

    Marry Me?

    Great chapter Glad the bullies are gone Oh Kyle might not react well to his family arriving soon Update again soon
  4. Great chapter poor Bob Oh Alf and Debra almost got caught out by Ailsa Karen what are you up too? Update again soon
  5. Great chapter Marilyn might of actually found a good one. Julie and Nick still have feeling for each other maybe? Update again soon
  6. Great chapter oh dear Phoebe got herself in trouble it’s some woman wonder who though I look forward to the next chapter Update again soon
  7. Coffee x 2 (Today and yesterday) Physio appt Lollies
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