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  1. Great chapter Hmm maybe a awkward moment between Sam and Frank? Sam with Bobby so cute until Greg shows up oh dear Emma is back in school hmm Don wants David to speak to her. Update again soon
  2. Great chapter Bridget finally believed Emma. Emma wanting to go home with Ailsa Yay Sam going home with Bobby what will happen when Greg finds Sam? Update again soon
  3. Great chapter oh dear the Waltons are evil Oh no Emma getting arrested possibly Will Bobby or Greg get to Sam first? Maybe not the best idea Celia. Update again soon
  4. Great chapter oh no Bridget wants to go head to head with Emma Greg's search for Sam continues Bobby seeing Sam that woman was so rude and forceful. Update again soon
  5. Dark it’s nighttime but rain moved in late this afternoon after a mostly warm day.
  6. Great chapter Bridget thinking Emma is laying. I hope if the police contact Bridget she won't say Emma is lying. Nice of Ian to take Pippa home. Oh dear Sam's new foster family are nasty. Update again soon
  7. Great two chapters Ben needs to go when will Carly see that? Deb decided to leave Summer Bay with Blake Glad Julie told Nick how she feels Emma showing up in Summer Bay Update again soon
  8. Great chapter Poor Julie I hope she tells Nick how she feels Ails is leaving but Alf told Deb it was over Michael okay I was not expecting that. Update again soon
  9. Great chapter Liked Bobby giving Julie advice to talk to Nick about how she is feeling Seems Sam may not get placed with Bobby again Al is still on the run with Sophie poor kid Update again soon
  10. Great chapter Hopefully things work out for Julie and Nick Hope Julie gets the reception job at the resort Alf wanting another chance with Ails Bye Bob sad to see you go Ben being a Grade A A-hole. Update again soon
  11. Chasing Liberty part of Fifty Shades of Grey
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