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Hey I'm Kristen I'm 31 and I've been watching Home and Away since 2004 I have not been watching lately at all.
My fanfics
Beautiful Nightmare (Joint with pembie.) (Completed)
Xavier,Kelly,April and Dex decided to leave Summer bay for a few days but end up on a tiny island outside of Summer bay where Romance and many agruments take place.
Teen Lust (Completed)
Summer bay has two new teens and some who have only just met but over 2 weeks fall in lust then it continues into love.

Connections (completed)
It's summer and the teens and Charlie and Brax have just meet and they find out what happens when you believe you have met your soul mate will they have connections?
Coming Undone (completed)
Indi,Ruby and Nicole have been best friends for as long as they can remember but when the Braxtons arrive they put their friendship to the test will they risk it all?
Surf's Up (Completed)

Not Over You ( Completed)







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