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  1. I just posted a thread in the What Do You Think forum and I noticed my thread didnt post because it has to be reviewed by a moderator. Its been a while since Ive regularly visited the forum, but I dont recall this being done in every forum I've posted in. Is this only for certain forums?

    Most Forums don't require Mod preview. I have PMed a Mod on your behalf as I am not able to deal with this as a Forum Mod

  2. The posts above this one are a perfect illustration of why staff have decided not to do any large departure features.

    Apparently we have to do a departure feature on every single character who departs to avoid being accused of favoritism. Then I suppose if we make one slightly larger than another we will still be accused of favouritism.

    There is absolutely nothing to stop to stop members using the existing Character/Actor/Discussion threads to discuss their favourite character moments and include screen caps and opinions if they choose. I took that option just as I have with Belle, Aden, Melody, Martha, Matty etc in the past.

    Why don't other do that as well?

  3. why not put some pictures of the other departed characters on their tread, too??

    If you haven't liked them, a lot of people have...

    Not sure what you're getting at Jodiebirger. I've posted caps of most characters if I have them. I'm not a character or relationship hater or lover, I just cap.

  4. We are grateful for any and all offers of help but there are two remaining problems. Even if members volunteer all the material there are only a few staff with the "smarts" to present and upload it. But more importantly, the last big feature we did was for Belle's departure and we were absolutely underwhelmed by the small number of board members who actually looked at it and commented. We sort of got the impression we were talking to ourselves.

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