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  1. I'm beginning to see some real potential in the character of Dean. Up to this point I've seen him as a waste of space who wouldn't work in an iron lung and was always looking for an easy buck often in crime. However recent events have opened up some real storyline possibilities for his character. We can assume that his behaviour and attitudes to life are the result of some background events which would make really interesting storytelling particularly with the involvement of Colby and Willow. If his recent signs of turning his life around prove to be genuine there are also storyline po
  2. I have locked this story until the issue of too many current Fics in breach of rules has been resolved. John H Moderator
  3. A 16 year old who looks like one. I'm impressed!!
  4. I know I was a member of a Home and Away site before the advent of BTTB but I can't for the life of me remember which one
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. I understand that the character is being written that way and I don't want her gone. But these days I'm finding Leah to be really annoying. She has become something of a bully in her relationships with both Zac and VJ. Sure one is her husband and the other is her son but both are adults and surely have the right to control of their own lives without Leah demanding to know and pass judgement on everything they do.
  7. Many thanks to Matt who has been very willing and probably more importantly able to update things on the Main Site. In my case this has usually been the myriad airing date changes to Australian Episodes due to AFL Football issues and other events.
  8. Posts in this thread are straying into personal references. These posts should be made to the member in question via PM and should never descend into abuse.
  9. She is quite well known here in Oz and has been in a number of other TV productions. She is quite a capable actress. This is just a horrible pointless storyline.
  10. "Never the twain shall meet" is the old phrase that comes to mind for this discussion
  11. I think the point of agreement we have here is that the whole process has been unnecessarily rushed.
  12. I won't go into how differently I see the characters of Matt and Maddy to Red in the previous post. I've said it all before. I'm not disappointed that they are bickering now they've moved in together. I think that was inevitable. I am disappointed at how poorly the period of adjustment from the boyfriend/girlfriend time without responsibility to the couple living together with domestic responsibilities is being written. This was a real opportunity for the writers to explore the trials and tribulation of that adjustment period. All we've seen is few small bits and pieces of that disc
  13. I like Kyle as a character because he's realistic. I've met people like that. They are not people I'd normally mix with or have in my circle of friends but the character is well played by Nic. He has an uncontrolled intensity and anger which I think will always make him unpredictable and dangerous. At this stage I haven't seen much character development which would make these character traits more controlled.
  14. I agree with the previous poster that the final end of the Maddie / Oscar relationship was very badly handled. When they were slowly drifting apart the slow decay of that relationship seemed natural and believable. Why the writers felt they had to "hurry it up"with the "kiss a random" episode I have no idea. I'm also very disappointed with the writing of the difficulties Matt and Maddie are having transitioning from boyfriend and girlfriend to living together. It's a good subject to explore with all the adjustments and compromises that have to be made but the writers have oversimplifi
  15. I actually think Morag's character is best used in short specific stints where she has maximum impact.
  16. Happy Birthday to you BTTB. It has been an interesting ride. Once again, as I did for the 10th birthday, I'd like to pay tribute to Dan for his work over the years. I often wonder what happened to a few of the former staff who are "no longer with us". Kat who dobbed me in for the Script Writing Competition who I last heard of Skydiving out of Perth in Western Australia, BTTB-Rox who proof read my first feature and Karen who we used to chat with a lot. It's also been great to see new staff members emerging. RR1 and Matt have added new life to the main site. QA, of cours
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