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  1. I won't go into how differently I see the characters of Matt and Maddy to Red in the previous post.  I've said it all before.

    I'm not disappointed that they are bickering now they've moved in together.  I think that was inevitable.  I am disappointed at how poorly the period of adjustment from the boyfriend/girlfriend time without responsibility to the couple living together with domestic responsibilities is being written.  This was a real opportunity for the writers to explore the trials and tribulation of that adjustment period.  All we've seen is  few small bits and pieces of that discovery process. But the resulting arguing and disagreement has been given a huge amount of screen time.

  2. I like Kyle as a character because he's realistic.  I've met people like that.  They are not people I'd normally mix with or have in my circle of friends but the character is well played by Nic.  He has an uncontrolled intensity and anger which I think will always make him unpredictable and dangerous.  At this stage I haven't seen much character development which would make these character traits more controlled.

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  3. I agree with the previous poster that the final end of the Maddie / Oscar relationship was very badly handled.  When they were slowly drifting apart the slow decay of that relationship seemed natural and believable.  Why the writers felt they had to "hurry it up"with the "kiss a random" episode I have no idea. 

    I'm also very disappointed with the writing of the difficulties Matt and Maddie are having transitioning from boyfriend and girlfriend to living together.  It's a good subject to explore with all the adjustments and compromises that have to be made but the writers have oversimplified it to the point where it's just become an endless argument almost without reason.  Like the slow decay of the Maddie/Oscar relationship the issue takes time to explore and it's not being given it.

  4. Happy Birthday to you BTTB.  It has been an interesting ride.

    Once again, as I did for the 10th birthday, I'd like to pay tribute to Dan for his work over the years.  

    I often wonder what happened to a few of the former staff who are "no longer with us".  Kat who dobbed me in for the Script Writing Competition who I last heard of Skydiving out of Perth in Western Australia, BTTB-Rox who proof read my first feature and Karen who we used to chat with a lot.

    It's also been great to see new staff members emerging.  RR1 and Matt have added new life to the main site.

    QA, of course, has been around so long that she's almost part of the furniture.  However that Fan Fiction section continues under her quiet, competent supervision.

    We've had our tragedies.  I'm sure a few of us remember our disbelief when we heard of Frankie's illness and subsequent death.  Her account remains as a tribute to her work and she is also remembered as the guru of staff chat.

    Despite a few of the doomsayers around the place the show is essentially in a good place.  It will always face the challenge of remaining connected to it's much loved roots while continually updating itself to remain relevant and contemporary.  Therë will always be people who yearn for the "good old days". Like the current show they weren't always good but at times they always delighted.

     I have enjoyed the show since the start of the 90's.  I enjoy it still.  At times it will delight me, at other times it will frustrate and annoy me.  But I keep watching.  

    Once again Happy Birthday BTTB.



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  5. 3 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    I find the whole thing vaguely offensive, in much the same way that I find Hunter vaguely offensive.Take a girl who's already messed up by abuse and self-harm and stick her with a twisted psychopath.They seem to have brought Olivia back to heap as much misery and humiliation on her as possible, and being paired with a sicko like Hunter is the final insult. At least, I hope this is meant to be one of the biggest mistakes of her life, and that once she finds out the truth about Hunter she won't want anything to do with him.If the idea really is to make the audience go "Awww, they're so cute together, I so don't care that Hunter's landed half the town in hospital anymore", then it could be a huge misfire.

    I've said elsewhere that I will continue to have difficulty accepting Hunter as a "good guy" until the issue of his serious misdeeds is dealt with.  I don't necessarily mean that he should be thrown in jail or his hide nailed to the Surf Club wall but there should be some acknowledgement by him of his wrongdoing and some attempt at restitution. 

  6. 3 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    I continued to be up and down with Evelyn this year.Sometimes she's likable, sometimes she's a selfish brat.I liked that she and Maddy finally put aside their differences after spending much of last year as arch-enemies and developed a good sisterly relationship.She continues to be a nightmare towards any adult in her life though: I pretty much cheered when Hannah finally went past breaking point and slapped her, it's been a long time coming.I wish that Tank had been a proper love interest instead of a plot device to push her back towards Josh.I wish the show would run with her and Andy as well (it's pretty much the first time Andy's done something that interests me) but that's probably just a plot device too.

    No reflection on Philippa, who does a good job playing the character she's been given.

    Interesting.  I feel the same way about Andy and Evie as I did about Heath and April.  I did initially think that Heath and April had possibilities if the writers really ran with it.  I thought there were signs that April would quickly develop to be able to hold her own with Heath and it would be an unusual and therefore interesting relationship.  However the writers decided not to go down that path.

    Andy and Evie do hold the same possibility but as you say I suspect that this is just a blip on the way back to Josh for Evie.

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  7. 4 hours ago, Red Ranger 1 said:

    Apologies if my phrasing upset some people.I guess I'm surprised more than anything at the continued dislike of the character.I get that there's always going to be some people who aren't going to accept a recast (after all, there's still people complaining about Pippa being recast 25 years on).It's just I felt that the show had made the best of the job and improved the writing for the character, and stopped assuming we'd all like him just because he had a familiar name and did their best to win round the audience's sympathies, so I thought it would have had more effect on general opinion than it apparently has.I don't think Matt Little's any more unconvincing as a teenager than other cast members, I think he just has the added disadvantage of playing a character that someone else has played in the past.

    I decided some time ago to willingly forget history and just treat him as a new character.  I actually still think that as a new character he's still finding his way.  

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  8. I do think that the characterisation of Matt as an idiot boyfriend is a bit unfair.  He is a product of his past but he's not still stuck in it.  He's growing as is Maddy.  I guess your reference to thrillseeking needs a bit of definition.  I didn't have in mind an irresponsible pursuit of risky, stupid activities.  More an adventurous part to life which occasionally pushes the boundaries in the best possible way.

    I don't think a relationship with Matt would in any way preclude her pursuing a career in nursing and I hope she does.  I also hope that Matt makes a decision to pursue his education and a career of some sort. The type of challenges I had in mind were of the support group to other cancer survivors, perhaps medical or volunteer aid stint in a third world country.  At their age I certainly wouldn't rule out bungie jumping, skydiving and such other experiences.

    I want them both to dream and live life to the full.  

    I guess we'll all have to wait and see.

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  9. I have been reading this discussion with interest.  It has been intriguing to see people's differing views of the relationship.

    I don't know how others feel but I feel that the writers have decided to do something a little different with Maddy from the other teens. I'm not sure of Kassandra's contract status but I'm wondering whether the writers have decided that she may possibly be staying around longer than some of the others.  Because of that they have decided they can write Maddy with a longer time frame in mind. That may just be wishful thinking and it is certainly just speculation on my part.

    Maddy is moving on with her life.  For a time there she was in survival mode while she underwent treatment for cancer.  Oscar was an important part of that fight to survive.  He was the solid rock that kept her together and fighting when she considered giving up.  I recall Oscar's rescue of her in the city.  He was her lifeboat at that time and I think she will always be grateful for that.  However once she had survived things began to change. After the rescue people don't continue to live in the lifeboat.  Maddy is no longer in survival mode.  She is now looking forward to a future with challenges and new opportunities. She is no longer looking for a rock but someone who will be with her as she faces an exciting future.  

    I think that is where Matt comes in.  Although he has also matured greatly he still has that edge of unpredictability and excitement which is what Maddy is seeking as she once more contemplates a future. I suppose that's where my personal prejudices come in. I have a sister who almost died of cancer but is now in remission except for a maintenance treatment every month.  I love the way she lives her life.  She packs as many challenges and experiences into every month that she possibly can. I want Maddy to do the same.  I think Matt will be the better companion if she takes that path.

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  10. Mmm. Interesting discussion.  It shows how people can see the same character development and draw different impressions and feelings from it.

    The thing we all seem to agree on is that Maddy isn't the spoilt, self centred brat she was when we first met her.  The brush with cancer and the influence, particularly of Alf, has matured her even a little beyond her years.  I agree with others that this whole arc has been very well and subtly written.  In some ways Matt has gone through a similar maturing arc.  I think Sasha was good for him and while he still has lapses he is in a different place.  I think his brush with the law while on the drunken binge after Sasha left really made an impression on him and cemented his determination not to go back to his old life..  

    However I think that while Oscar was good for Maddy while she was on the journey through her cancer she is now starting to grow past him.  Her growing maturity is taking her toward Matt and away from Oscar.  I agree that this is sad particularly for Oscar but that's life.  I think the writers have recognised this and that is why they have sought to portray this slow waning of a relationship.  For me it's a pleasant change from the Phoebe/Kyle move to Phoebe?Ash which to me seemed really shallow and based purely on short term feelings portrayed as a lasting relationship.  

    I'll be watching all this with interest.

  11. Maddy and Matt will have no doubt get together which really sucks for Ocsar and I can't help but think. Oh no not another boring love story Maybe the old romantic in me is slowly dying :lol: Maddy snd Oscar should stay together I think Give Matt a story about his music instead

    Actually I'd like Matt and Maddie to get together and both of them share their interest in music.  I'm wondering whether Matt's gift of the violin is the start of that.

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  12. I'm hopeful for the character of Maddy. People who survive a bout of cancer often emerge with a fresh appreciation of what's important in life. They become more grateful for the opportunities they have been given realising how easily they can be snatched away.

    I hope that if Maddy gets together with Matt that she will devote herself at least a little toward supporting him. There have been signs of this change in her concern for Alf during his current issues.

  13. I do think John that even the keenest Braxton fan would have to admit that there is some truth to lotb's assertion that tptb are dragging every last ounce of value they can out of Brax's popularity. This exit story is becoming so ridiculously dragged out, that it is painful. Especially when compared to how most are treated. Andrew Morely's sudden exit being a classic example.

    Apparently they are going to drip feed Brax scenes for as long as they possibly can.

    It does feel like there is a hint of desperation in this. The producers have invested so much in this character. And I personally believe that has come at the cost of developing other characters. I guess the next few months will show if the show will continue on strong without him. Or if the assertion that Home and Away was turned into nothing more than the Braxton Show will be proven correct.

    I agree with the part in bold. I am a fan of the River Boys as a "band of brothers" and what they brought to the show. As far as I am concerned that era ended with the death of Casey and the departure of Heath. What is going on now with Brax doesn't interest me.

    The part not in bold I don't agree with.

    I think the show is in a transition similar to what happens after any iconic character or group of characters leaves. Aden and Belle, Shane and Angel, etc It's happened many times before. My interest is in how this transition is handled and where they transition to.

  14. While I understand Steve Peacocke is popular, I wouldn't refer to Steve's Logie win to support that claim.

    It's common knowledge that the Logies and TV Week are biased towards Home and Away. If you watched then it was painfully obvious how little coverage Neigbours, an Australian institution, got in celebration of it's 30th year. H&A was inducted into the Logies Hall of Fame at a time when the quality is arguably at it's lowest. Why not wait for a milestone year? As for TV WEEK, they only ever have H&A on the front cover. They are owned by 7 and quite simply are a joke.

    I don't think Steve will ever be back. He just wants to appease his fans. I think TPTB have done the Braxton fans a huge disservice by drip feeding Brax to the viewers every so often just to flog the dead horse that is the Braxton family. They had their time and it's over. #letitgolucy

    I think your thoughts on Brax and the River Boys era have been made very plain repeatedly and fair enough if that is your view.

    However your assertion that Neighbours was not given adequate coverage on Logies night is simply not accurate. Both Jacqie Woodburn and Alan Fletcher were interviewed at length on the night. In fact it could be argued that Neighbours received more coverage than Home and Away despite it supposedly being Home and Away's big night.

    The Logies were screened on Channel 9 and sponsored by TV Week and I doubt that Channel 9 can be seen as biased toward Channel 7 programs. That assertion shows no understanding of the "battle" between the two major commercial TV channels here in OZ.

    As you concede, your argument that Home and Away is is at its lowest ebb for quality at the moment is also not universally supported. To argue that all or even a majority of the viewers who voted for the show and gained it a popularity award had no idea how to judge quality would seem to be self serving and a little bizarre.

    I have no problem with you holding the views that you do as long as you concede, even occasionally, that others who are capable of thoughtful judgement have come to a different view.

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