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  1. I've just been to see Amazing Grace which is the story of William Wilberforce and his battle to abolish slavery in Britain. A beautifully produced, powerful movie.
  2. 1.6C outside this morning. Hopefully we'll get a fine winter day. Top temperature forecast to be 12.
  3. In Victoria today a beautiful autumn day. About 24 degrees Celsius
  4. Cold, overcast 12.1 degrees, a chance of storms
  5. 10.1 Degrees celsius here and cloudy. Great day for work!! I've been spreading crushed rock on my drive.
  6. Rain and wind. Getting cold. Temp has dropped 3degrees to 9degrees celsius in the last 30 minutes
  7. Really, is that true? Probably not as low as I am. But a few kilometres into the hills from here. Wow, I didn't think that anywhere in Australia got snow ! We didn't actually get any snow. Temp got down to 4degrees C overnight. Where I live snow is very unusual. About once every 10 years. However about 30km north of where I am we have the Cross Country Ski area of Mt St Guinere and about 60km away we have the downhill ski resort of Mt Baw Baw. I'm not sure either of those places has had their first snowfall of the season yet. Last summer a huge bushfire burnt to within 2km of o
  8. Queen DVD. Greatest hits volume 1
  9. In the hills to the north of Latrobe Valley. Our forecast from the local RAAF base is different to the Melbourne one and colder. Temp currently 7Degrees C and falling.
  10. Really, is that true? Probably not as low as I am. But a few kilometres into the hills from here.
  11. Just come back from my morning walk. Was sunny and cold but the cloud is closing in and it is starting to rain and blow. Temperature 9 celsius.
  12. Various!! Following my usual Saturday habit of Rage on the ABC.
  13. Queen - Greatest Hits Volume 1. Perhaps my age is showing!! No, to really show your age, you should say you are listening to Elvis, since he was popular when you were a little boy. Lots of younger people like Queen, and in the big scheme of things, it's not that old. A lot of the music I listen to is from the 70s, with a little bit of 60s in there too Ok, here is a list of some of the older stuff I like : David Bowie The Kinks The Beatles Fleetwood Mac Queen Patti Smith Undertones Pink Floyd The Buzzcocks The Clash The Cure Kate Bush Blondie Aerosmith Iggy Pop Lou R
  14. Queen - Greatest Hits Volume 1. Perhaps my age is showing!!
  15. 35 degrees celsius here!! I am heading to the Oz Open Tennis tomorrow and the temperature will be even warmer.
  16. By way of contrast, where I live in South Eastern Oz today was 41.8 degrees Celsius and the next two day are forecast to be similar. We are dealing with grass and scrub fires spread over a wide area.
  17. Blowing a full gale in southeastern Oz. Been out with the fire brigade clearing fallen trees.
  18. Cloudy and expecting a top of 14 degrees Celsius in the Latrobe Valley east of Melbourne in Oz. Rain expected later in the day. Huge rainfall on Gold Coast and Northern NSW. 2000 km north of here. It is mid winter of course!!
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