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  1. I suspect that this period in the lives of Belle, Aden and Angelo is one that in hindsight they'd all wish hadn't happened. It seems to me that none of them behaved particularly well. But isn't that the point of the storyline. None of them is perfect. If they were they would be as boring as heck and we probably wouldn't watch them. I don't think any violence, name calling or verbal abuse on anybody's part is going to make the situation any better for any of them. I'm really interested in where they all go from here. Just how will the events of the Finale effect Angelo? What is in store
  2. The storyline with Aden is a recurring one in the show. It demonstrates how abuse and violence can really damage a person and how love care and concern can sometimes over a period of time begin to repair that damage. Kane with Kirst was a great example. Ric and Alf was another. Aden and Belle have the beginnings of this. In fact in my view this is the best of these storylines because it takes place against the backdrop of the toxic waste storyline which makes the road to "redemption" even more tortured. The hints for 2009, even if only half of them come to true, promise great drama.
  3. I have enjoyed reading your stories. The comment about the spacing is a worthwhile one. It would make reading easier for these tired old eyes. I know you are a devoted Adelle fan but that does mean that your story is a bit predictable as we have a good idea how it's going to end. Like all couples on the show we as readers like to be wondering whether the obvious is really goi9ng to happen or are you going to surprise us?
  4. The point about Aden trusting Belle is a valid one as if I can remember she was the only one he revealed the abuse to (I really can’t remember when Roman found out, I think it may have been when he got arrested, someone correct me if I’m wrong). If as you say they have been through traumatic events, not thinking clearly and are desperate do you think it’s wise for them to be involved in a relationship with one another at the moment? I think my original point was that neither of these characters is in a good enough place at the moment to make good, long term decisions. Who decides what i
  5. I wonder are we expecting too much of both Belle and Aden at the moment. Both have been through traumatic events in their lives and clearly neither of them are thinking clearly or making good life choices. Both at this stage need someone to cling to just to keep afloat and its a desperate need. It's easy to look in as observers from outside the relationship and say Aden should face up to this and Belle should have done that. Neither of them are in a good enough place to be making those sort of good choices. All they know is that Aden trusts Belle enough to share his darkest secrets with h
  6. I'm a little surprised at the intensity of this discussion. These are two fictional characters in a drama. That said their relationship is one of the most compelling parts of the show for me at the moment. What I like most is that the personal aspects of the relationship are being played out against the wider context of the toxic waste storyline. This means that the characters are not entirely self absorbed but are having to deal with issues in the wider world and involving other people while their own relationship developes. I suspect that if the relationship survives ( and I see no i
  7. Went to see Australia last night. It was great and the audience laughed all the way through at the typical Australian humour. Americans won't "get it" and they'll hate it because it isn't about them. It is about us and has so many iconic Australian scenes and settings. The storyline is iconically Australian. I loved it and of course Nicole Kidman isn't that hard on the eyes either.
  8. I think this discussion misses a whole lot of points. Melody at the moment is a thoroughly unlikeable character. I don't like her at all. However what is our reaction to that? Do we hound her off the show? It seems to me that if we consistently did that we'd end up with a whole lot of nice, bland characters who were horribly boring. Also where does compassion come into all this? Do we want to watch unlikeable characters turn their lives around by interraction with other caring charcters in the show who sometimes are prepared to sacrifice their own feelings and egos for somebody they don
  9. Believe it or not I'm not trying to cause you exasperation! Perhaps I should explain, I manage a christian counselling centre that has as part of its clientele teenagers just like Melody. They suffer abuse at the hands of "God fearing christian parents". They have the bible quoted at them every hour of every day but the domineering example their parents show by their behaviour negates almost everything the Bible teachers. Their emotional and social growth is so stunted they are almost unable to cope in the real world You're right they do need some reality therapy. However, like children
  10. only someone with an ego big enough to need its own postcode would say something like that; essentially, she thinks she's important enough for GOD to do whatever she asks Him to....it renders me speechless really. XD And what to say about when she OMG, newsflash Melody: Geoff is a free agent and doesn't have to report anything to you...but hey, for the second time she fancied herself to be his girlfriend when he had NEVER hinted that they were back together... Then we had the Halloween stunt when Now, I know what all Melody-lovers out there will say: she's had a very controlled
  11. When Geoff was with Melody, Christine had an AVO taken out on him, but Melody still insisted that they see each other. She simply didn't care that he could get arrested, as long as she got what she wanted. Then there was Axel... we'll never know what happened there... What we do know is that when he died, Melody made it all about her. No "I'm sorry that Axel died. I didn't like him, but he didn't deserve that." No. She was just paranoid that something bad would happen to HER because she somehow reordered the universe in order for him to die... If anyone is evil here, it's her. She was righ
  12. When will this be up? I'm leaving for a road trip on May 23 and my net access will be dodgy for a while.
  13. Watched "The Sum of All Fears" based on the Tom Clancy book. An oldie but goodie. Loved the build up of tension.
  14. Wind is really rising here in the Latrobe valley.. Would blow your dog off the chain!!!
  15. Hot as hell!! 37 Celsius today 39 forecast for tomorrow. It's ridiculous to be on fire duty this late in the year. I'm over it!!!
  16. Can't be bothered cooking. Sending out for fish and chips
  17. The interview was great. Thanks to the team and to Coral. The insights she gives into the world of television script writing are quite unique.
  18. Hot with extreme Fire danger today and tomorrow. 38 C today and 40C tomorrow.
  19. Misty rain, high humidity, looking to get to 27 later today.
  20. Have i missed something or has Coral Drouyn had a sex change. I always thought she was female. "Nothing is more interesting than a family paternity drama, or at least that's what Coral Drouyn though during his brief reign as Home and Away script ...." quote from intro to family ties. Updates are great!! Well done to all involved
  21. Just read the 20 Departures feature. Some great work and research there. Some of the characters before I started watching the show and I'm now trying to figure out exactly where I came in. Thabks to all.
  22. Very warm today. Temperature peaked at 41.7 degrees C today on my back patio
  23. Went to see Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce who led the fight to abolish slavery in Britain in the 1800's. A really good historical, costume piece well acted by a cast of relatively unknowns. Very powerful in its portrayal of the attitudes of the "born to rule" upper class in Britain at that time and their absolute contempt for the people they considered lesser beings. It wasn't the sort of movie you "enjoy" but compelling in its realism.
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