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  1. Most of Australia is also in lockdown with "social distancing" mandated.  In Victoria where I live we are only allowed leave home for  food and essential supplies, essential medication, exercise ( but only close to our homes with social distancing maintained ) work or education which cannot be done remotely from home.

    Most states have very similar restrictions.  

    Police are checking compliance and can issue a $1600 on the spot fine.

    We have been told that these restrictions are likely to continue for at least another 4 weeks

    On 23/03/2020 at 17:59, Bobby Forever Missed said:

    Not me i'll be watching things like A Country Practice Heartbreak High and Grey's Anatomy (early seasons) sorry not sorry media!

    I have been enjoying rewatching Packed to the Rafters and 800 Words on 7Plus.

  2. This is an excerpt from Irene's character bio on the main site.

    Having failed to find a replacement, Don arranged for her to attend secretarial classes and the rest as they say is history. She remained the school secretary for a long time becoming very much an integral part of the school. Whilst working there part time while she attended Uni to do an English Literature degree part time.  

    This bio can be found here.   https://www.backtothebay.net/characters/irene-roberts/


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  3. I'm beginning to see some real potential in the character of Dean.  Up to this point I've seen him as a waste of space who wouldn't work in an iron lung and was always looking for an easy buck often in crime.

    However recent events have opened up some real storyline possibilities for his character.  We can assume that his behaviour and attitudes to life are the result of some background events which would make really interesting storytelling particularly with the involvement of Colby and Willow.  If his recent signs of turning his life around prove to be genuine there are also storyline possibilities in various community members helping him out with friendship, career training etc.  I wonder if the writers will go down that path.  I hope so.

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  4. I understand that the character is being written that way and I don't want her gone.  But these days I'm finding Leah to be really annoying.  She has become something of a bully in her relationships with both Zac and VJ.  Sure one is her husband and the other is her son but both are adults and surely have the right to control of their own lives without Leah demanding to know and pass judgement on everything they do.

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  5. Many thanks to Matt who has been very willing and probably more importantly able to update things on the Main Site.  In my case this has usually been the myriad airing date changes to Australian Episodes due to AFL Football issues and other events. 

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