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  1. Hey JT,

    How are you?

    Just wanted to say something to you.

    I had kinda of lost all inspiration for writing more fanfictions because I had ran out of ideas/plots and twists, storylines, etc..for future fanfictions.

    I had decided that I will be having a much-needed break from writing fanfictions for now.   

    I may go back to writing more fanfictions one day in the future but I can't guarantee anything, guys. 

    And by the way, I wanted to thank al of l my readers for reading my twelve fanfictions and posting comments on them in the last seven years. 

    I wanted to thank my four proofreaders for proofreading my first and second, third fan fictions. 

    I am really sorry about that. :( I hope you all forgive me and understand my decision. 

    And thanks again for all your support and encouragement, feedback and etc...on my fanfictions in the last seven years, everyone. :) 


    1. JosieTash


      Hey Sarah,


      I'm not sure what's going on with my messenger, but thanks for the heads up on your fics. I know I've been really busy of late, and hadn't had the opportunity to catch up with your fics [prior obviously to what's occurred.


      Gioven that I had one of my most recent fic vaulted, because of writer's block of sorts, I totally get what you mean. And even currently, I've been contemplating another fic [a continuation of my recent batch ...with Billy/Ruby etc] but I've not been able to flesh out the ideas I've had]



    2. Inactive User

      Inactive User

      Hey JT,

      I had posted my newest fanfiction if you want to check it out. :)

      Hope you have a good weekend


    3. JosieTash


      Hey Sarah,


      Coool about your new fic. I shall check it out sometime this w/e.




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