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  1. Abba stalker... Peak Practice... I'm thinking Dan is right about this ending up in General Chat
  2. How the hell did we get from Abba stalker to the theme to Peak Practice?
  3. White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.
  4. Hey! I don't have a tattoo... yet anyway. At the moment I'm working my way through the piercing list I have created. Then its time to move on to the tattoo's :lmaosmiley: I had no idea how addictive piercings were until I started getting urges to have them done. I've always loved piercings on a guy but I never thought I would end up getting a load myself
  5. You would think I would of known that. The fact that the woman said to use a mouthwash with no alcohol added should have clued me in. If I get a third lip piercing I will have to remember
  6. ... And apparently its me who should be getting the spanking this evening. Its been puzzling me for two days why my second lip piercing is taking longer to heal when the first one only swelled up for a day and I just found out the reason why. I'm not supposed to drink alcohol. Something about it killing the cells that are supposed to be healing the piercing. Like the fool I am I drank rum on Saturday to celebrate my birthday and I had a beer this evening. I am a ditz sometimes ETA: I won't be staying up late tonight. I was kicked downstairs this so I have to pack up the laptop and e
  7. Who wants coffee when you can have a beer?
  8. You lot deserved a spanking last night for that. Such dirty answers for such an innocent question. You should be ashamed of yourselves. *polishes her halo*
  9. ^ You can't get more random than that !
  10. I don't have E4 so I'm very behind on Smallville
  11. I'm assuming you are watching Smallville on E4?
  12. Oh no way. If I act like myself then I will have to introduce you to Shane and Casey and when they get involved, it gets a little confusing
  13. Its funny. When I first joined this board I was exactly the same. I was so scared to post because I was worried that I would say the wrong thing. I think there are certain boards that make you feel that way
  14. Doh! I do know that expression. Its just my brain has taken the night off again Ouch... must be a bad virus. Spamming porn is understandable but spamming political mumbo-jumbo? Thats just baaaad man
  15. This may be me having a ditz moment but... I thought you were a boy/guy?
  16. I also had a few like that on AOL last year. Usually its people messing about using your email address. Worst thing is they don't need your actual password. Its like signing up for an online newsletter. All you need to do is put in your email addy and nothing more.
  17. See you tomorrow Di. Sweet dreams xxx *hugs*
  18. Si-Co - I've had one problem like that with Hotmail before. I just left it because its not my main email service. Nothing happened with it at all.
  19. nawwww... they are so cute at that age aren't they? I prefer having a niece to having a nephew some days. Boys can be a pain sometimes
  20. I choose money over life So my smutty friend, how has your day been?
  21. *holds the gun to Ryan's head* What? You said you weren't sure so I thought I would help out But seriously, the whole site is looking amazing. You guys have done a wicked job on all the features and I look forward to seeing what else is in the works
  22. No I haven't but I will watch out for it now! I love adverts more than TV shows at the moment. I wish they still showed the Archers advert with this hunk of a guy ending up half naked because of a load of accidents (one of them being he climbs up a tree to save a cat and his t-shirt snags on a branch I think) Loved the song on that ad. I think it was Love Man by Ottis Redding... Edit: I have an idea on how you could get to Australia on the cheap. Make enough money to buy stamps, get a great big grate and get someone to parcel you up. I would be happy to help out with that
  23. I love that song so much. Reminds me of the Pimms advert And you guys partied pretty hard in here last night. No wonder SDA isn't online yet... he must be exhausted
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