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  1. Season 2 has started on E4 but I think I am going to stockpile the episodes and then purge on them later on, which is what I did with season 1. I never really thought much of Emily VanCamp as an actress while watching Brothers & Sisters (and Everwood) but I have to say she has really sunk her teeth into this role and is fantastic. Plus I love Nolan... Will definitely be buying the boxsets when they are going cheap in a couple of years !
  2. I'm getting the feeling that Casey wasn't the only one getting some Dexy lovin'. Another awesome couple of chapters from a brillant writer. Can't wait for more !
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  4. Dex took a walk on the wild side and can't even remember it? Poor Dexy . This is such a good story and totally what I wanted to see on the show for real. Keep up the fab work! *anxiously awaits next chapter*
  5. My first attempt at explaining just got lost *kicks the board* so I will try again. Firstly, we definitely need vanilla characters because without them the show would just be stupid. The problem is that halfway through last year that balance disappeared. Now... I can only speak for myself here and this is just my opinion but I think my reason for liking Brax (and Heath) is very different from others and I also hate that fans are treated like shallow fools. For me it isn't about looks at all, but about the story. Throughout 2011 we never got to see fully why Brax is the leader of the Riv
  6. I'm not very good at explaining why a character interests me so I apologize about this post I do think that halfway through the year they screwed up Brax and went too far over the line but I'm hoping that this year they can pull it back. Though I like Chax I am hoping that they begin to show Brax with other characters because I find those scenes interesting.
  7. ... And I have come to the conclusion that the only reason I watched h&a in 2011 was because of Brax (& river boys in general). Love him or hate him it does not matter because it is getting people discussing the show again. I would rather have a morally grey character than a load of vanilla characters because that is just... boring. But then I was the one all those years ago I liked Sarah Lewis and Zoe !
  8. I am listening to 100 Hits of Billie Holiday: Disc 2 and Gloomy Sunday is playing.
  9. So totally wrong... but why does it seem so right. I'm gonna fly the shipper flag, even if this pairing only happens in fanfic land .
  10. Pierced Musie


    1. Go Your Own Way 2. Big Ass Heart (Go Puck!) 3. Fat-Bottomed Girls 4. Sweet Transvestite 5. Dog Days are Over I can honestly say these are my favourites
  11. ... I woke up with an urge to write a fic involving Dex & Casey... or quite possibly Heath & Dex. Don't ask me why but I keep thinking about how Heath would react to the quirkiness of Dex... So very wrong. But Dexey should happen damn it!
  12. After reading a certain fic (awesome btw) I really wish we did get Dexey for real cuz it beats Ruby/Casey & Dex pining over April. And instead of it turning into a story about Casey being abandoned by his family wouldn't it be fun if it was the other way? With Sid & Indi acting mean and Brax (& Heath) acting a little strange because of it but because Dex has a way of getting round people they kind of become okay with it? ... I think the fanfic sparks are back. Oh no I totally need to find some Casey/Dex screencaps for icons.
  13. I spent most of my Tuesday evening reading this story. It. Was. Awesome ! Throughout the story all characters stayed true and I have to say I was totally awww-ing towards the end. I wanna see this on screen damn it! Will have to read some of your other work now
  14. I actually prefer as just friends because it is refreshing to see. Everytime you get a friendship between male and female they seem to end up together, which gets boring. A good storyline would be for April to start feeling the same way as Dex but when they kiss the spark just disappears (think of Wesley/Cordy in Buffy Season 3) so they stay friends.
  15. And considering this is a Brax/Steve appreciation thread can I ask something that has been on my mind? Has anyone noticed that there is just as much chemistry between Brax & Angelo as there is between Brax & Charlie. Perhaps it is the inner HoYay!fangirl (oh how I have missed you inner HoYay!fangirl) in me but the chemistry between them is off the charts. It is too soon to tell yet but it looks like we may have yet another actor who could have wicked mad chemisty with anyone or thing. So yes... I'll have the Chax with a side order of Brax/Angelo !
  16. Please don't get into that area of blending the on-screen chemistry into real life. I do think they have fab chemistry together but it proves how good they are at acting. The fact that they don't look awkard while filming the intimate scenes is a sign of good (and natural) acting. The whole 'they should be together for real' thing has been done a lot in the last couple of years, with Belle/Aden & Martha/Jack fans. Besides... sometimes when an actress & actor with wicked mad chemistry get together for real the spark vanishes. That is just my opinion though.
  17. ... I want to see Brax find out that Charlie hasn't just dated men. I miss bi!Charlie because she was fun. But Chax is a good substitute though !
  18. Chax makes me pray for a late-night spinoff special . That chemistry should be bottled and sold for £/$9.99 !
  19. Loved that Power Ranger gag as well ! Would anyone be so kind as to tell what ep was shown on Friday? I need the ep number. Thanks in advance darlings
  20. Pierced Musie


    I guess that kinda makes up for it but if they do a Queen episode... I want Puck singing everything or him playing the guitar. When he sang Fat Bottom Girls was awesome ! (I loved Big Ass Heart )
  21. Pierced Musie


    No Puck? He would have been great singing Fleetwood Mac! And no The Chain? So wrong!
  22. Pierced Musie


    To whoever has seen the newest episode... can you tell me who sings each song. It is the episode based on Fleetwood Mac's Rumours album. I absolutely adore that album (grew up listening to it) and though I was a little upset by the lack of 'Gold Dust Woman' in Glee I want to know who sings what. I hope Songbird isn't sang be Rachel
  23. I have to say that they have this vibe that I haven't really seen since Nick & Seb. Now that was a natural bromance with the subtext in between. Ric & Lucas was wonderful but felt forced sometimes... Actually I would go further in my comparison and say that most of the friendships/relationships that has sparked in the last 12 months feel as natural as those back in 02-04. Bring on the Dexey !!
  24. Has been a wild 7 years, hasn't it? I may have been a little absent this past year but I do still come back. Happy Birthday BTTB!!
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