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  1. I am annoyed that he has moved out of Leah's place. I was looking forward to more scenes between them... and perhaps shipping them .
  2. To me the chemistry feels more sibling like. But then when both characters appeared I mentioned that I felt they only had chemistry with same gender characters.
  3. I don't like Tam & Kyle and I hate the way that yet again I'm supposed to find Kyle in the wrong. I find Kyle quite fascinating but I haven't seen any chemistry between him and any female characters.
  4. I have preferred Spencer when he is away from Maddy and I love that they added him to the Rosie/Sasha friendship. This is the first OT3 that has felt nature for some time (Robbie/Tash/Kim springs to mind) and I really hope they don't take a step back and end up with Spencer/Maddy again anytime soon. I liked the fact that running away together and spending so much time with eachother put that wedge between them because it is quite realistic. They finally got their own way but when it came down to it were they really as compatible as they thought? Now if they spend the next year apart and en
  5. I am the complete opposite to you. The role she is playing now is perfect for her. I would rather they progress the character through small storylines than burn the character out within 2 years so she becomes a shell of her former self. This is the right way to write a character.
  6. I am about to make some scrambled eggs. No bread though because I am making pizza for tonight, which is going to be a thick bread base.
  7. I've had a look round the web but not found any reference to Teri Haddy being related to Anne Haddy. To be honest I didn't realize who Anne Haddy was until I just searched and I had no idea she had died . Even if they aren't related they do kind of look it, don't they? It is the eyes that are similar.
  8. Can anyone tell me why Rosie was living on her own when she first showed up? I think I missed those episodes and only just realized I have no idea.
  9. If I remember rightly all Hollyoaks omnibuses from 2011 (& 12 I think) are available to buy from iTunes. I do believe that this would be a great solution for all soaps where the fans love the idea of seeing old episodes. The digital era is definitely a plus for serial dramas because there was no chance of DVD's (other than selected episodes, which is not for everyone because it all comes down to personal tastes). Sorry I went off topic there .
  10. What episode are the repeats up to now? It must be coming up to the end of 1991 by now, right?
  11. I am the opposite to you. I think that Bianca has finally found a man that will challenge her every step of the way, which is what I always saw as what she wanted. From the moment she appeared she was always looking for a man to challenge her because it stops the relationship being boring. As soon as she got into a routine with Liam and a safe place, she backed off from him. That says a lot. All the paths Bianca has gone down since showing up have led to this moment of maturity surrounding Gina's death. In my opinion that is one hell of a slowburning character development.
  12. I think I would rather see a family member of Irene's show up needing her support or just to see her. I enjoyed the storyline with Nathan (was that his name?) getting out of prison and trying to prove he had changed. I always wanted to see him show up again. Just give Irene something else to do! Can I just mention that I loved the scenes with Irene at the engagement party, especially when Heath gave her a compliment (did he call her a babe or something?). Let's face it, when Irene showed up in the 90's she was very much like Cheryl Braxton so it is a shame they don't have many scene
  13. The appearance on The Big Breakfast would have been around the time his last episodes were shown in the UK... I would assume anyway.
  14. I don't think it would have worked in 2005 and I do think too much time has gone. I actually like the idea that we don't know if he is alive or dead because it is rare to have an open ending like that. Perhaps they should find his remains and break out CSI: Summer Bay ! I was quite young when the 1995 storyline was shown but it must have been awesome because I do remember some of it . I also remember from that time the actor appeared on The Big Breakfast (UK show) and mentioned coming back to scare more people. That got my hopes up but it never did happen . The evil characters are t
  15. I'm sure Morag mentioned Bobby in the last couple of years (perhaps to Charlie or Ruby) but I could be wrong.
  16. I always assumed that it was Brax who introduced Heath to most of the criminal activity through the years, which is why I have the opinion I do. It was obvious at the start that Heath looked up to Darryl and was disappointed in him when he decided to go legit to be with Charlie. Wouldn't you be disappointed if you had been influenced by someone for years to do things a certain(illegal) way, only for them to just drop it and move on without you? Did we ever see Darryl try to get Heath out of the criminal business in 2011? I can't remember now ! I'm not saying that Darryl is a negative influ
  17. Just want to comment on the bit in bold... But Heath has changed and it wasn't Brax who helped. Yes Heath can still be hotheaded and go off on one when he doesn't read the situation properly (his reaction to the young therapist and thinking Romeo was going to fire him spring to mind) but he didn't get violent in those moments... yet he would of at the start. Without Brax influencing him then Heath is actually okay. As for Darryl... I think I posted in this thread back in 2011 that I found the characters of Darryl Braxton and Detective Vic Mackey from The Shield to be similar an
  18. What Heath needs is Morag and Celia helping him get Darcy away from Connie. I think his scenes with Celia have been the best scenes in a long time and it was a shame there weren't more.
  19. He is turning into what Brax was trying to stop him from becoming (which I figured would happen last year) and I don't think this downfall is going to stop anytime soon. Especially when it comes to his possessive-ness of Tamara, which I see being the reason she will probably end up with Kyle (speculation on my part, not a spoiler). Though I do get why he would feel violent towards Kyle for kissing his girlfriend. I have enjoyed watching the subtle shift in the characters since they appeared, with Heath trying to make himself a better person while Casey has tried but failed to fit in with s
  20. I really hope they keep Rosie around because she is certainly unique. It has taken me a while to figure it out but I finally know who she reminds me of. Anyone seens the UK show Skins? Rosie reminds me a lot of Pandora, in that she uses her voice as a way of coping with situations, plus you always got the feeling that Pandora was never really loved by anyone but her aunt so when she finally got friends she clung like mad to them. Plus the reveal at the end of series 4 when you realize that Pandora was not the dunce everyone made her out to be (got A* in every A Level) was awesome. So ye
  21. ... I would rather see that than the predictable relationship they are about to embark on. I liked that he had shown no interest in any female character at all. Still clinging to hope that H&A will actually get with the times and give us a gay/bi character. There is still time with Kyle damn it...
  22. Wild Things... 1 & 2 They are sleazy and I feel like I should take a shower after watching... but they are a guilty pleasure duo for me. Plus the first one has quite a good storyline .
  23. Smallville rewatch - Season 5 episode 8. Been a long time since I watched the early years... and forgot how much HoYay was involved.
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