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  1. I think it is because her mother was going to send her off to boarding school. Don't quote me on that though !
  2. ... Is this a bad thing or a good thing? Either way she is still a goddess in my eyes !
  3. Part of me thinks this is because when they first introduced Tamara they hadn't thought out the details so any little tidbits of information you didn't truly believe. And she didn't start out as a character who was staying, did she? But the more I see it the more I really do think they are trying to reboot the character because they failed at making her sympathetic. Even with the violent boyfriend and the crappy family how many of us felt for her? It does feel like a reboot and a chance of aging her up a little bit. Perhaps for the sole purpose of pairing her with Kyle. The fact is we
  4. I haven't got access to the show but may have to find a way. Is it good? You are right about that. He is young and like many on this show he is still learning his craft but I feel that due to the material being given and the fact that it seems to be on repeat all the damn time he has lost the ability to do anything but the crazy wide eyed stuff. But I have to say that yesterday I watched 5775 and that acting ability was back in full force. The way he played the different stages of drunk and hungover were great and a joy to watch, along with all the scenes between the Braxton broth
  5. It was me who mentioned Jason Smith and his ability to overact and you are right but I just didn't want to admit it. I loved Dex because he was naturally geeky and Charles Cottier played that part with ease. But now they have made the character more like the rest of the male character... but the acting just isn't matching up with this change. He did (and continues to) do well with everything connected to the crash and the scenes between the siblings are spot on everytime. But whenever there is a scene between April & Dex? Or Dex talking about April? It almost feels like they are both tryi
  6. I'm not saying he is the greatest actor of all time but between 2011-12 he definitely managed to out-act some of the others (not the older cast) and he could manage different scenes with ease. But this year whenever Casey is supposed to be sad, hurt, angry, happy... it just comes across as pure crazy. It does come across as forced and trying too hard so I am finding myself laughing more at the serious scenes involving Casey. I can't help it !
  7. Though my like of Casey has been very hit & miss since last year the one thing that has stopped me from completely hating the character has been the acting from Lincoln Younes. From the start he has played Casey quite well and I actually had sympathy for him, even when he made stupid choices (Pa Braxton the main one). But I have to say that some of that acting this year has been a little... off. Am I allowed to say stuff like that here? . It started around the time Jesus!Adam started his revenge on the whole family and has snowballed from that. It is the wide-eyed crazy facials that ju
  8. I couldn't find an April discussion thread but did find this one. And I guess my ramblings actually include Dex as well so here goes... I used to be a fan of April up until halfway through last year. When she first appeared she was quite different from all the other girls because she was a little kooky but cool with it, if that makes sense? So when they first paired her up with Dex it didn't seem all that big of a stretch to me, because he was just completely kooky and brought out her geek side. And that was her best quality. For me the turning point was not her relationship with Heath
  9. I would not like it as Marilyn is old enough to be their mother. Pfft, then Australia is certainly not as hardcore as UK then . Many UK soaps have run with this kind of storylines and they didn't care about that.
  10. So who would be this younger character? Spencer? Casey? Kyle? ... Why do I feel that this would be so much better than any romance we've had in recent times !
  11. The scenes involving Maddy and romance have been the worst for me. The scenes I love involving Maddy have been those with John helping her train, Alf helping her in general and her moments with Jett when he was being bullied. Sticking characters into triangles is a cycle that needs to be smashed to pieces on this show.
  12. Can I quickly break the discussion to give praise to Kelly Paterniti. I genuinely think that not many actors could pull off a reset but she has played this to a T. The way she looked at all of them gave me chills because I really did think she had never seen any of them before. And she is bloody brilliant at the agitated confusion scenes. I may not be that much of a fan of Tamara but I enjoy watching Kelly play her.
  13. I just watched episode 5768 (I skim then watch fully when I have time) and the scenes between Casey, Tam & Kyle were quite interesting because they were not what I expected (again!) after reading the episode discussion. It was obvious Tamara was uncomfortable everytime Casey got close but when Kyle tells him quite calmly that she needs time and space it is Casey who mentions Kyle's past feelings. And it is his reaction that I found very interesting because it really did look like he hadn't even considered the idea of making himself look good to Tamara. I know he argued with April about the
  14. I'm going to hold on to hope that this is leading to Maddy mellowing out a little. Maybe even a big redemption arc before finally settling down in the Bay as much as Spencer has. Makes me wonder if they are doing a slow character development to shake it up, since most of the characters introduced these days get developments and stories thrown at them all the time... and then they get written into a corner.
  15. What makes you say that? We have already seen that he can run the business like a pro, keeping the accounts all above board and everything running smoothly. I would have thought the natural step would be him taking over Angelo's completely, unless it is sold to someone else before Brax leaves. It is either that or Kyle goes to university... which is not a bad idea since we know that he is pretty intelligent. He finished school, has the brains for business and is a little bit medical savvy. When Sid was telling Kyle and Heath what was happening with Brax (and Tamara) Kyle didn't need it sim
  16. That is a good question. At first I assumed they had introduced Kyle because Casey was on his way out and they didn't want to lose a Braxton but that idea fell down on its face, didn't it? ! I forgot to post in here earlier but I saw the episode where April suggests Tamara leaves hospital and then Kyle returns. I have to say I still don't get what others meant when they said he was pushy. If anyone was pissing me off it was April and her attitude towards him. When he took Tamara home the first thing he did was show her some of her things and how messy she was... and yet April gave him t
  17. I like Maddy but hate the direction she is going. All of her scenes with John and Alf have been a joy to watch because it is those moment that were lacking from last year. It almost reminds me of the bond Alf formed with Nicole before she left and I always felt they were her best scenes as well. By all means make her a normal teenager who isn't all rainbows and sunshine but I feel that they have made her a bitch (Mini!Roo 1988 style ) just to make Sasha seem like the better woman in the situation, which is quite odd storytelling. Although it felt like they did the same with Sasha when they int
  18. ^In my head it would have made much more sense than what they did, shoehorning Spencer into the equation just after they established a glimmer of greatness with Maddy/Rosie/Sasha/Tamara group at the self defence classes. So many missed opportunities with all of the new characters this year (bar Zac, who is full of awesome-ness and bromance love !).
  19. I didn't mean as a couple so I apologise for not saying that . Perhaps saying they had a lot in common was a bit much but they do have certain things which would have been good to explore. They both seemed like outcasts from the word go and were both unable to fit in. They both had been massively let down by the parents (Rosie abandoned & Kyle manipulated) and both seemed to form unhealthy attachments (Rosie with Sasha, Kyle with Tamara). It is ever so subtle but for me there were more connections between Kyle & Rosie, which is why I was happy then disappointed when the spoiler about K
  20. I hate the way that they have thrown away all the progress and development between Casey & Kyle... for a feckin' girl who has no connection to Summer Bay or the Braxton's . And what is worse is that yet again Kyle becomes the baddie in the situation with just that one line. It would have been better storytelling if Casey had been jealous and suspicious while it became a one-sided connection on Tamara's side. Why they had to bring back Kyle's supposed 'love' for Tamara I will never know. Shoddy writing for a character who still unknown to us the audience, which means a jackpot for poten
  21. I think the reason the change in Heath is mentioned (and praised) is because it is a change for Heath Braxton, while Casey has always been seen to help others and be the nicer of the boys. Now if Casey was changed into a complete jackass over time (turned into 2011!Heath basically) then that would be mentioned because it was a big change.
  22. I hate that the two newer characters are the ones being alienated in this whole mess, which is something you really don't want to do because it makes it extremely hard to intergrate them back with other characters once the story arc is over. I do feel that when/if this storyline ends anytime soon then it will be Kyle who comes out of it worse off. I think the great thing about Kyle is that technically he is still a blank canvas so the potential for character development is still there. All we know is that he was a foster kid (anyone written a fanfic involving Pippa taking him in yet? Oh I
  23. It was mentioned by my uncle on facebook hours ago about the Rubgy League but now that you have explained it I completely understand. Although at first to sounded dirty . Yes. Yes I do... but only when it doesn't happen all the time .
  24. That is funny because I have never heard the term biff before but today I have seen it used 3 times . Does biff mean punch up?
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