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  1. I'm still doing all right and almost got myself a life... but still not willing to give this place up . How has life been treating you these days?
  2. Liz!!!! It has been far too long my friend & not many old timers return . *huggles*
  3. I'm still of the opinion that she ends up in selfish/crazy territory because of what happened with Stu. But if the writers can't be arsed to think that far back to explain it then she does just come across as selfish/crazy. So I don't think comparing Heath/April and Casey/Sasha works because April and Sasha are completely different in nature (if you take out the stupid fake innocent routine that they incorporated back into April to get her back with Dex). Plus whoever said there were no genuine feelings involved with Heath & April were spot on. That was pure rebound but for Sasha no relati
  4. But isn't it nice that it hasn't been forgotton in the show? I would hate for it to be swept under the rug because it was a complete mess that could have been avoided if Casey hadn't used Sasha as an emotional crutch. Which it turns out is his behaviour cycle, which has been established with him trying to kiss Maddy and also subtly shown with his relationship with Tamara. Plus it isn't about preferring Casey/Sasha to Casey/Tamara for me. It is about each individual character and how they shift with each lesson learnt. And to be honest both Casey & Sasha ain't learnt from their idiotic
  5. He used Sasha for a quickie but it is okay because he was hurting? He may not have completely cheated on Sasha but he kept banging on about Tamara, which in turn made Sasha more insecure and clingy. You are right that no one is perfect. Casey sure as hell doesn't come close to perfection and neither did Sasha. But by thinking that Sasha should just get over it completely glosses over her personality and nature. She was fiesty and spunky up until she got involved with Stu, who not just physically abused her but mentally hurt her aswell. The way she shifted was quite realistic in that after
  6. This is just my opinion but I think Sasha forgave Tamara before Casey because it was easier. The fact is that Sasha thought Tamara was just an illusion right up until they were introduced, and then she knew virtually nothing about her except for the fact that there was another female getting closer to her man. She hated Tamara before getting to know her but with Casey she was completely sucked in and then trampled by him and when a girl is treated that way it is hard to forgive. So Sasha may be civil to Casey but I can understand the warning to Maddie because she knows first-hand what happ
  7. Forget bromance ... it took me back to the days where I shipped any male/male pairing, including brothers(ah Wincest, how I miss being able to watch Supernatural ). It was totally a broYay moment and it was awesome! It was great comedy acting from both though and I am glad there was some lighthearted moments to go with the crappy-ness of Heath reverting to idiot mode. I want more comedy Casey and less Woobie!Casey. Bonus points if it involved Kyle! The pineapple! Oh the pineapple
  8. I'm still hoping and praying they unleash Cougar!Irene again because it has been so long (Paris/Irene was awesome!). Plus it means they won't be going the predictable route of depression/loneliness or another cancer scare.
  9. For the first time in a long time (years in fact) I have been feeling the urge to write some fanfiction, with Kyle and Heath as the focus because it would be a humour fic. Which is a first for me as well. The last fic I wrote (and remains unfinished) was about Ric in prison, I think.
  10. You make me want to get creative again and make more icons because these are awesome. Where do you get the screencaps from?
  11. I would love to see her bitch-mode stemmed right back to the fact that she is angry at herself because she fell into the trap of thinking young love conquers all. Just when I find her to be a bitch she has a scene that gives me a glimmer of hope that they know just what they are doing with this character. I love her moments with Alf and John. She has a Gypsy edge to her. Is great with the bitchface but deep down their is an insecure little girl trying to play grown ups. And that is where the fault is. I tend to forget that she is only... 15/16?
  12. Ah, I must have missed that kidnap moment. Geez, Kyle was like the diet coke of evil back then wasn't he?
  13. He didn't kidnap her though, did he? I thought she just stumbled on to Casey and helped him before Kyle came along. I didn't get to see all of the episodes surrounding that though. I think I understood about 5% of that post so I apologise if I'm wrong... but are you trying to tell certain people that the characters aren't real so they are going OTT. And I certainly don't agree with that last sentence about actors not feeling. If all actors felt nothing for the characters they play then every film/tv show would be utter crap. To create a character that people love/hate the actor pla
  14. Heh, Alf really was a player back in the day, wasn't he?
  15. It was me who compared Maddy & Kyle but I don't think I explained myself that well. It wasn't actually a comparison of the characters but on attitudes towards the behaviour. My original reply was because someone mentioned Maddy being protective of Spencer so going into bitch mode whenever another female goes near him. I assumed the protection comment was supposed to be a positive observation. Which led me to the Kyle comment. All he did was protect Tamara when all the other Braxton's were busy with other problems but that protective nature has led to quite a few negative comments abou
  16. I know nothing about widows pension but depending on the life insurance, the cost of a funeral and other expenses tends to eat away a great chunk of that money. But then we are talking real life and this is happening on a soap, and we all know that financial issues can just be dreamed up for good drama !
  17. I like Ricky but I think that is because of the actress. I do hope Casey tells the truth and Ricky gets sent down for a while because she feels she deserves it. It is refreshing to have a character linked to the Braxton's who believes they should pay for their crimes. And no, I don't think she should have to consider Casey's feelings. It just makes him look like a little bitch if he gets his way on everything (harsh I know but it is how I feel).
  18. Her heart was in the right place treating Spencer like her own personal property and treating Sasha like she was the worst person in the world? No, she was worried she would hurt him again. Being protective isn't wrong. I hate to keep bringing this up but how is Maddy being 'protective' any different from Kyle being 'protective' when it came to Tamara? They were both doing the same thing but two very different opinions on the same behaviour, and for me with Maddy it was more of a case of 'if I can't have Spencer then no one can'. To be honest the only one I feel for is
  19. Am I right in thinking that Harvey was only supposed to stay for a few weeks/months and was supposed to be bad? Because I am so glad they decided to keep him around. I loved all the scenes between Harvey & John, with him just being there to help. And the character is comedy gold!
  20. It is quite easily done, especially when your partner dies suddenly. Funeral costs can be very damaging to the bank account, along with other expenses and loss of earnings. And even owning businesses doesn't help the situation because it isn't instant cash, so it really doesn't mean anything in the long run. This is a good story for the now, since this is happening a lot in the real world.
  21. I posted a big ramble in the Dex/April thread because I couldn't find this one. But the hospital issue was one of the things I mentioned because it just feels unrealistic. She hasn't even been at Uni for 6 months yet but it is not uncommon to get an early placement for training. Emphasis on the training... yet we have seen her interact and treat patients and she even took charge of Tamara's case in the end. Realistically she would be made to do the scut work, would not be allowed to do half of what she gets away with and would be kept well away from patients she knows. When Brax crashed she wo
  22. I think Kyle is gone from Leah's now, which is a shame because the scenes they have had together have been nice to see!
  23. When I was watching last years Channel 5 specials he was the one character that interested me and yet I really didn't remember him and I still don't remember the 1999 stint . But I do agree that he is the type of character that could still work on the show as it is now. Perhaps a more mature Adam but still with the cheeky chappy moments.
  24. I dunno. It has been a long time since Irene has been on her own in that house so it might be interesting to see her cope, whether it could be funny (everyone showing up and not giving her the freedom she thought she would get) or it could be drama (feeling alone can get quite depressing). But then it could just be glossed over and never mentioned... which is the likely scenario.
  25. ... Wow, look-a-like alert! Thanks for recommending Tangle. I've had a quick look about the show and it does look like my kind of show and will be interesting to see Lincoln in another role.
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