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  1. I think she is supposed to be the same age as Heath. A couple of times they have mentioned that they were close friends growing up and that she had more to do with Heath than Brax.
  2. She is the kind of character that has been missing in recent years. Spunky, fiesty and won't take crap from anyone, especially if she is trying to help them. In my eyes she is the perfect woman (and sexy as hell) .
  3. Pierced Musie


    I'm assuming you are talking about the tribute episode? I haven't seen Glee since Season 2 due to Sky outbidding E4 for the rights but am thinking of seeing this one.
  4. I didn't give anyone food poisoning so it gets the thumbs up . But seriously it could not have gone any better and am planning on doing more quality meals for the 'rents. I may even invest in some kitchen tools and have my eye on a pasta roller. Need to find some good recipes on the web. I'm sure there used to be a thread on here about recipes...
  5. *pokes thread* ... So I'm cooking a quality meal for the 'rents today. Starter of mushrooms on homemade bread (pesto swirled), main of stuffed chicken breast (sundried tomatoes, olives & feta with a hint of lemon) with pasta and a homemade red pepper sauce. Dessert is a shop bought trifle though ... I hope and pray it all tastes good.
  6. My eyesight is not what it used to be. Plus I don't pay much attention to you or your posts these days
  7. I am unsure of something. I thought there was a rule about abusing other members of the forum? Because it seems to me that a certain admin *coughDanFcough* is breaking his own rules with the last sentence of his signature. Ban him! Signing off... Musie, a pain in BTTB's arse for almost a decade xx
  8. It's a shame because Nic Westaway has proven he has the acting ability time and again. All we actually know is that he finished high school because he was forced to. That is the only thing that has been confirmed by the character himself. The rest was guess work... - He must be smart because he is running Angelo's single-handedly, doing the books and managing the stock, plus every other responsibility. - When organising Heath's stag weekend he booked into a posh hotel and an even posher restraunt. And when they were turned away from that one he took them to another place equally
  9. I fear that Kyle will not be developed until at least 1 Braxton leaves. I know many people here complain that the Braxton's get all the stories but I feel that Kyle is also lumbered with the other characters who don't get a look in. It is now a year since they introduced another Braxton brother and what have we learnt about the character? Nothing, apart from what the fans have come up with from the odd throwaway line or action. Plus Kyle is only used these days to make both Tamara and Casey look good. Surely if they wanted that then they should have just used a guest character .
  10. The one thing that annoys me with certain soaps (H&A & Hollyoaks mainly) is the lack of old fashioned characters because the reality is there are many. Though H&A has Alf, Irene & John I don't see them as old fashioned because they just aren't. That is why I love Celia because of her old fashioned views. They were old fashioned back in 1988-1990 but to know that she still feels her heart will always belongs to Les (recognised by the fact that she still has the ring and talks about him) makes me feel a little warmth in my heart. It makes me sad to realise how fast characters
  11. Celia is definitely a character I would love to see come back again, like Morag does. I know most didn't like the scenes between her & Heath but I found them a joy to watch. I feel that it was their meeting that has led him to the place he is now, happy with Bianca and with fewer regressions to his old personality. There were rare scenes between Heath & Irene where you knew he kinda respected her but that was because they had Rocco as a connection to eachother. But Celia & Heath? Just came together with no connection at all, and that is great. Made her return worth it because t
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I'm not saying he shouldn't get pity. I'm saying that yet again we as viewers get a broken Casey, which has been the cycle for how long now?... a couple of years. Kicking Casey while his down is getting very old and 'flogging a dead horse' springs to mind.
  15. The problem is it will still lead back to Casey Braxton: Pity-party for 1.
  16. We have about as much chance of finding out about Kyle's past as finding out where the pineapple (& pink feather boa) came from.
  17. He was found being raised by a pack of kangeroos? He was raised by the travelling circus? What? Gone too far? Never!
  18. Ah, so for all we know Kyle's mother could still be alive. I refuse to believe anything in the character profiles on the official site.
  19. ... Come to think of it I can't remember where I got that information about his Mother.
  20. I think the only mention of her has been that she was an addict after Pa Braxton left her. Or was that never actually said outright? So much confusion!
  21. *kicks thread* What, no discussion about the new character information? I'm kicking this joint back to life, even if it kills me! So we apparently know a 4 things about Kyle now... - He was a foster kid - He got a full education thanks to foster parents - He isn't awkward when it comes to posh restraunts and clubs - When he gets drunk he ends up not remembering anything... and quite possibly steals pineapples. But seriously, I do find that third one quite interesting because it throws up many questions again. What was his life like before Danny Braxton found him? And if he did
  22. Yesterday I called Sasha a bull in a china shop and a bit of a pitbull when she gets her mind set on something. And that is not a bad thing because it is the sign of an average teenager. And that is what has been missing in the last few years because most of the teens never felt like teenagers. That goes for Maddy too but in a completely different way. She is a stroppy mare who can't figure out what she wants and doesn't like others trying to figure out what she wants for her but that is natural. Just like Sasha trying to make everything right but being too pushy is natural. And as for Spe
  23. Some smilies were axed. Budget cuts cuz times iz 'ard, ya know .
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