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  1. But that link shows a triple episode which never happens in the UK. Surely this means 3 episodes, the last of which is on the Friday.
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  3. Promo was shown before tonight’s 5star episode which gave away quite a few upcoming storylines. Not sure how I feel about that, it was much more detailed than usual.
  4. When exactly has Amber said that, or is this yet another spoiler? You do realise this is a UK non spoiler thread?
  5. I think the situation then was that Kirsty was seeing Kane, despite the fact that he had raped Danni. Shelley was siding with Danni, of course in the aftermath of the Mirigani disaster it was Kane that saved Shelley from the effects of a snake bite.
  6. Tigerpip, Here is the Fiver discussion you were looking for.
  7. You don't have to view someone's profile to ignore them. Go to 'My Controls' on your own account and then click on 'Manage Ignored Users'. You can then add users you want to ignore to a list.
  8. Well done - your memory's better than mine!
  9. He was (is) Lee's boyfriend. When Lee claimed Joe back from Rachel and Kim and stopped them adopting him, she had a new boyfriend to help support her - Dean. Lee, Dean and Joe left together - or as it now turns out didn't leave but moved to the caravan park! He isn't Joe's father - that was a teacher (I can't remember the name) at school.
  10. Thanks. (One word post - but not spam!)
  11. My point, which seems to have been lost in the discussion about SPAG, was that the chit-chat problem has moved to the spoiler section. Some threads there are no longer discussing spoilers, they are (at best) discussing current episodes, and in many cases simply spamming to get page counts up. Is there a plan to do anything about this, or should I just not bother going into those threads anymore?
  12. Well done on sorting out the character discussion section. Is there any chance you could do the same in the spoiler section? It seems to me that many of the posts there now are nothing more than chat about current episodes.
  13. I know we aren't necessarily meant to take these things literally, but within five minutes in tonight's episode we went from a new moon to a full moon!
  14. Glad you didn't miss the episode, but maybe other people don't need to read details in advance.
  15. No it wasn't Brodie. The actress playing the girl is the cousin of the actress who played Brodie. Or maybe I mean sister not cousin, I'm not sure now.
  16. I had already read that Susie Rugg's cousin played a small part in the city scenes, but she was so like Brodie! I wish she could continue but I doubt we'll see her again.
  17. No she doesn't know. It's hard to believe in a small town that word wouldn't get around. Ric told Sally that Cassie and Henk had gone to Yabbie Creek for dinner when Sally said she wanted them to come round.
  18. I didn't know that! Three ad breaks in around twenty minutes of programme is terrible. Does any one actually watch it, or do you all record it and watch later fast forwarding through the ads?
  19. Kieran. Then she was briefly engaged to Luke - Kieran's best man. Sally called this engagement off when she realised she was attracted to Brett.
  20. Didn't Don have a laptop in his office when he was principal? He may not have been an expert - I think Irene used to help him with it sometimes, but the idea that he wouldn't know what Word, Excel and Powerpoint are is ridiculous.
  21. Yes, I think Five Life messed up. It didn't last too long though. It could be OK on Monday on Five at 6pm.
  22. It's the same actor playing a completely different character. Scott doesn't appear for a while yet. I seem to remember his first appearance is on a horse on the beach.
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