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  1. Thanks Dan, I thought what we saw wasn’t quite as i’ve seen described..
  2. OK , I’ve deleted your spoiler from my quote.
  3. Just saying this much is a spoiler. This thread is supposed to be spoiler free for Uk pace.
  4. Going back to current cast not voted for : I would put Roo in the mix. She's a main character but doesn't have a distinct role She's a Stewart, but so is Alf. She' lives in the summer bay house but so do Alf and Leah. She works at the school, but so does Maggie. She hangs out at the diner, but so do Marylin and Irene. She is barely noticeable - especially given the numerous long abstences from filming Assuming that Roo now is a completely different character from the original Roo. I would also suggest Justin as the other non entrant - no redeeming features as far as I'm concerned.
  5. As it happens I am bit behind having been away and am catching up. I watched Jasmine's first episodes today - she spoke about being surprised In the car park at work, no mention of the type of work or the sort of place it was.
  6. I think the situation then was that Kirsty was seeing Kane, despite the fact that he had raped Danni. Shelley was siding with Danni, of course in the aftermath of the Mirigani disaster it was Kane that saved Shelley from the effects of a snake bite.
  7. Tigerpip, Here is the Fiver discussion you were looking for.
  8. You don't have to view someone's profile to ignore them. Go to 'My Controls' on your own account and then click on 'Manage Ignored Users'. You can then add users you want to ignore to a list.
  9. Well done - your memory's better than mine!
  10. He was (is) Lee's boyfriend. When Lee claimed Joe back from Rachel and Kim and stopped them adopting him, she had a new boyfriend to help support her - Dean. Lee, Dean and Joe left together - or as it now turns out didn't leave but moved to the caravan park! He isn't Joe's father - that was a teacher (I can't remember the name) at school.
  11. Thanks. (One word post - but not spam!)
  12. My point, which seems to have been lost in the discussion about SPAG, was that the chit-chat problem has moved to the spoiler section. Some threads there are no longer discussing spoilers, they are (at best) discussing current episodes, and in many cases simply spamming to get page counts up. Is there a plan to do anything about this, or should I just not bother going into those threads anymore?
  13. Well done on sorting out the character discussion section. Is there any chance you could do the same in the spoiler section? It seems to me that many of the posts there now are nothing more than chat about current episodes.
  14. I know we aren't necessarily meant to take these things literally, but within five minutes in tonight's episode we went from a new moon to a full moon!
  15. Glad you didn't miss the episode, but maybe other people don't need to read details in advance.
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