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  1. LOL, so he didnt watch Lars Bystoel win gold for Norway then?
  2. Hell, this is the only one that matters.
  3. One of the locals might let you utilise thier acess if you are lucky. Ilet a yank use mine recently whe we had some staying over her.
  4. If you are going to be at the Uni Merc, then you should get free net access in the uni library. They may also have it where you are staying if you are lucky. Most uni residences have net link ups these days....and there are lods of net cafes too so you can still talk to us. We shall expect daily updates from York.
  5. And to me too...it was like the end of an era when she changed her name.
  6. Congratulations. You are an oldie!
  7. Have a good trip. Where abouts are you going to be camping?
  8. LLeyton gets to play today, about 4.00pm Oz time, 5 am UK time, by my reckoning as he is on 3rd or 4th match so if the 1st few go to plan that should be whenwe get to see him. Only trouble is they micght dealy HAA if he hasnt finished it off by 7.00 pm.. he was not exactly playing out of his skin last week, so I am not exactly confident he is going to breeze through this first week.
  9. Someone complained...they thought it was spamming...unnecesary advertising etc....
  10. .......Poor Shane.... you big bully you... ....I hope you haven't damaged him!
  11. Yes but it means you are never alone! And if they are giving you cash...do they have any spare they can throw my way? My bank manager would be very grateful...he thinks I am feckless..
  12. I would stop their pocket money if i were you!
  13. it's 9.30 'ish here...and cold and wet to boot...LOL...nothing on the box thats worth watching...and no nibbles in the cupboard...anyone got any?
  14. Frivolity aside, I was quite surprised at this programme. I am not a monarchist....An Aussie republican and proud to say so, but Rolf's enthusuam was almost infectious and he did capture a real person rather than an institution. Great art it isn't, but as HRH said it was a friendly painting. Did you see Sydney on the Antiques Road Show as well? A real Aussie night on the BBC today.
  15. Sounds like she is a real sad person, but at least she gave you all something to laugh at. She's good for something. I am going to go to bed soon, my head is still hurting.
  16. Yep. I thought she caught his likeness quite well actually.
  17. I know what you mean. It must be the teacher in you...I have this image of you in a few years time teaching English to little Norwegians. I am glad you had fun. I hopoe SHE was a as miserable as can be... I am such bitch...LOL... We did too. We ate far too much and drank even more. My head is still hurting...which is probably why I was in rant mode today.
  18. Don't give up. THEY would have won if you do, and that would never do. They annoy the hell out of me, but I try not to take it tooooo personally. Actually I think a few of them will disappear elsewhere soon and hopefully things will quieten down again. How was your new year by the way?
  19. I am putting this here because I am not yet a golden oldie, though today I feel like it! I have just had several major rants in the SPAG thread. I began to think I was being very unreasonable at one point, and then thought, what the ****, rules are rules. I do try to be tolerant, but sometimes it's frigging hard. Please tell me that I am not a boring old fart.
  20. Good evening fellow oldies. I thought I would bump this thread up a bit as it seems to have gone to sleep.
  21. Me too.....and Mrs Doyle... go on go on go on.....Jack was my fav though.
  22. LOL... I thought of that...but then had an image of a drunken slobbering Jack from Father Ted...and decided it wasn't quite what I had in mind.
  23. Yeah I just put it on E-bay LOL...Has F'eck put hers on e bay too? Could I be FrankeiF'eck or F'eckFrankie?....goes to check credit cards to se if she can afford it....bound to be pricey.... :yeah:
  24. Does this mean their old user names are now up for grabs?...that should confuse a few people...
  25. awww....this is confusing and I liked your names...specially flamineck...it was quirky. # RIP old user names...we miss you. oops...did not realise I was in the golden oldie as opposed to oldie thread....sorry guys....hangs head in shame at this gross oversight. :guilty: :whistle:
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