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  1. 47 pence for a standard sized letter. Anything else needs to be weighed and the cost goes up.
  2. We need some non mods who ae good at smut...hint..
  3. You are the Queen of Smut! I was just about to say that...you beat me to it...
  4. Are you talking about me? ...yep.
  5. YOu'll have to watch her Alex...vamp is her middle name...
  6. Nearly 2 years...and my body has still not adjusted.......maybe I have permanent jet lag.... My parents are visiting and my mother adjusted within a couple of days...its so bloody annoying.
  7. Its is good to be back...I often wake up in the night and can't sleep...I think my body is on permanent Oz time...lol... so anyway I will log on here and see what's going down...and horror of horrors it wasn't there last night...I was in quite a state I can tell you... I had to look at the news sites instead...
  8. Its 8.20 a.m. and it is already a nice warmish day, blue sky, no clouds...it looks like its going to be a lovely sunny day.
  9. It means do not date you cheque for a date next week or next month...as they can't bank it unitl that date...I think!
  10. I say G'day more here than I did at home...it's expected..
  11. Yep...its the only way to be...
  12. Hot and sticky...I could do with some air condtioning...why don't people in the UK have it?
  13. Its been hot here today...too hot to work in fact!
  14. You'll be a golden oldie before you know it!
  15. Nope...I watched Miss Marple...which was a totally bastardised version of the original story ..in which incidentally Miss Marple never appeared actually...Agatha Christie must be turning in her grave. However, it was very entertaining and Geraldine McEwan was excellent as always......But for me Joan Hickson will always be Miss Marple.
  16. You need to learn and develop the essential art of waffling on, lulling your reader into a sense of security as you was lyrical for hours on end whilst saying absolutely bugger all! What themes have you explored so far?
  17. Frightned off by your awesome light sabre perhaps....
  18. It can take quite a long time for a reply to come back. They get hundreds of letters every week.
  19. Good grief...what is that...it looks obscene?
  20. Bright and Breezy here. ....but looks like it is going to rain at some point.
  21. About 13, behind the bike shed at school...he was considered to be the hottest guy in school but was a lousy kisser...it put me off for ages....I saw him a couple of years back and he grew up to be a slob....gross......The next one was much better....
  22. Yep...could be too many red herrings:P
  23. The sun has come out..its about 6.15 p.m and the sun has just come out...its been over cast all day..and now it appears..grrrr....
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