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  1. Me too, we have hot mimce pies out, and I have cracked open the vodka etc...in case any visitors want some, and I do need to test it to see if its drinkable. I am wrapping up the last few presents, and the wrapping is going a bit askew.
  2. grrrr I am jealous. Its wet and miserable here, I would like it to snow but it wont.
  3. I love them I was at the earls Court gig when they did the world tour!!!
  4. I ALWAYS think I have failed. I hate the things...I feel sick, get clammy hands and sort of go into adrenalin overdrive whwn doing them. Then I throw up afterwards, and then worry myself stupid until the results come. Sometimes I do well, somtimes I do Ok and sometimes I realy have bombed out.
  5. LOL...thats the one...I am surprised FIVE did not censor it...LOL...and they say the oldies have no screen chemistry...that was a sizzler....and I was soooo jealous of Irene....grrr... As Si-Co and Ilovegypsynash were the first to get there..between them..they can fight it out as to who puts up the next quote!!
  6. close...but be more specifc please!!!!!1
  7. Yeah...and what happened next?
  8. No one is even close! A clue can be found at the top left hand corner of my posts
  9. Yay, I got here first. Ok...so who said?....".....because even though you're standing there, in your oversized overalls, coverd in paint, with your scarf on your head, I can't take my eyes off of you." And what happened next?
  10. I was going to say that too.
  11. same here dan <{POST_SNAPBACK}> same here too..I just love Tel...he's a legend.!
  12. Kane and Jesee?...no that doesnt seem right somehow...LOL
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