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  1. Its a good combo.... they have a spark there...some personality traits in common.... a bit like Aden and Belle in a way... I like them. :D

    I enjoyed little Irene at school.. bet she was a real handful too... I like that Barry is able to be the shoulder .... and think he does too.

    I'm curious as to how Dani and Will evolve.... she was such a diva.... and he was so cocky from what I remember of him.... a bit dim too as I recall :P

  2. That was amazing, you know how to tear the guts out of your readers, and it was really well done . I liked how you drew the parallel with Irene and Gypsy staying there as well. Human beings can be absolute bastards some times. That was a shock ending and it really affected me because it was totally unexpected.

  3. The 1st and 2nd places in our Most Popular Character poll have now been added, together with a lovely comment on the results from the Seven Network's Executive Script Producer the legendary Bevan Lee..... be sure to check it out.

    Thanks to everyone who voted, and off course to Ryan for all his hard work on this feature.

  4. Thank you... that was worth waiting for. I have added it to my list of regular reads... so be prepared to be nagged!

    I liked the juxtaposition of the different scenes and locations, with the different characters facing different crises/dramas... it was very effective. The flashback scenes were also very good and helped to illustrate where the characters are today. I am looking forward to the next installment.

  5. Eduardo Bearo is the bear whom Kane gave to Kirsty..... he was an absolute scene stealer... and he is famous on these boards for the writing of his best selling memoirs... for winning the best supporting actor in the BttB Oscars in 2004... against some very stiff competition...... and is now believed to be in Hollywood.

  6. All these 20th anniversary updates are great but I'm still waiting for an interview where a bunch of us (me and a few others) asked Miss Dramaqueen some questions zonks ago (Is zonk a word? :unsure: If it is it's spelt wrong, right?) . I do not blame Coral AT ALL- I do blame the intrusion of this 20th Anniversary Feature, I mean who cares if Matt Wilson dissapeared into a cupboard? Or if Carly had an identical twin sister? Besides I never really celebrated my 20th, I did however have a smashing 21st.

    Anyway seeing how she comes online to clarify her gender, I'm really tempted to flog (is that the right word? I don't mean to sound dirty!) Coral with hundreds of PM's full of questions about Pacific Drive and Gay love triangles. Anyway I better hide until a response comes.

    PS I love the 20th anniversary feature. The 20th anniversary feature rocks.

    As if by magic... Miss Dramaqueen's interview is now up on the main site.... especially you for you :D

    (She is also judging this years script comp again so get sharpening those pencils...... get those creative juices flowing.... we will be announcing this years task in the next few weeks. :D)

  7. Well done and Thanks Ryan.

    The 20th anniversary features are labour of love between SkyKat, bttb_rox and Ryan with help from various others and I hope everyone will be checking them out over the coming weeks and months as they all go up.

  8. OK what happened ... what was wrong with the vietnam vet... and why did it affect his wife?... I am 10,000 miles away and in the UK Terri and Mitch are not married yet! I love Mitch... I don't want him to die :o

  9. We are trying to update the main site news section with news :P of cast past and present as regularly as possible... ... particularly in relation to their appearances and stage and or film performances. (See latest updates on the main site) If any one has any info please PM one if the mods. If you go along to any of the stage or film performances... we would love to have a review from you.

  10. LOL... I did not do much... except nag .. as usual... :P

    A big thank you to all those who contributed... some of the memorial book entries made me feel quite weepy... especially when I tried imagining them being read by the character. I hope that our members liked it... and would be interested in their comments...as a lot of thought went into it.

  11. emmasi has written probably the longest and most detailed character profile that BttB has ever seen:P No prizes for guessing the subject. :P

    The character profiles are really great guys. Thanks for all the hard work you have put into them.

  12. I could sing...but you would not like it :P

    We could play truth or dare...or strip poker...but I don't have a web cam :P..we could also...looks around furtively...have a discussion... :o ...but apparantly that does not happen round here :P

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